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Anxiety around menstration

My anxiety is so severe around my cycle.  A few days before and after.  I am off birth control since Oct.  My husband and I are trying to get pregnant and it has sent my anxiety over the edge.  Anxious over the idea of children and I can't control it around my period.  Any suggestions to minimize it at this time?  I am not taking any medications and would prefer to stay off.  I tried Wellbutrin and the side effects were worse than any benefit from it.  
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I get the same thing there is nothing I can do to make it better you could try a anti anxiety medication only for the days anxiety is bad, I tried wellbutrin and my side effects were also bad so I stopped taking it. Do you have anxiety only around your period or do you suffer from it normally?
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Wellbutrin is an antidepressant..I'm almost sure.  You need anti-anxiety medication in order to help your nervous system calm down.  I don't know why or how the medical industry began thinking they could solve anxiety problems with anti-depressants!  Those are basically uppers and make your nervous system jumpy...hence, worse feelings.

I personally know because they tried putting me on Lexapro (which sent me to the ER because it made my nerves skyrocket) and then prozac to see if I could handle something less intense...it didn't work.  I'm on ativan for anti-anxiety and it works beautifully.  I now get anxiety worse before my menstrual cycle but I think that's because my body is starting to work harder (stressing more) during peri-menopause (this can take 10 years before menopause)  however, it starts as early as in your 30s (check www.womentowomen.com for more details on anxiety and panic attacks).
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I have SEVERE anxiety about 3-4 days before and throughout my cycle. It is horrible!!!! I totally understand but haven't found a way to deal with it yet. Although, I had my horomones checked and I have no estrogen so they put me on HRT, which did help a little bit so far. I will keep you posted. Also, I have heard that Soy helps??
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People on the another thread are discussing exercise,  maybe you can try that.  I always say that I am going to do it,but I haven't yet...A good cardio workout can help get rid of it...I agree with those PMS days....it is terrible!  anxiety times 100!!!
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