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Anxiety attack?

I think I'm having extreme anxiety attacks but I'm not sure here are my symptoms
-Butterflies in my chest
-Tunnel vision
-Extremely hot
-Hearing is reduced (what I mean by this is when people are trying to talk to me I feel that everyone is far away from me trying to talk to me threw a door across a room.)
-Excessive feeling of worry or scared
-Sometimes nausea or vomiting  
                          I haven't been to a doctor because i have no insurance and I don't want to go if it is for something  minor, so i have had no test run. I just started to have all these symptoms about 2 months ago and they are becoming more frequent. I have this happen to me 3-4  times a week. I'm not stressed or worried when they start to occur.
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Sounds a lot like me. I go through the same thing. I'm not a dr but it sounds alot like anxiety to me. U should still try to see a dr just to rule out anything serious and that would ease your mind.
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I agree with daffy.  I have had all of these symptoms during anxiety/panic attacks.  It is always best to have a doctor rule out anything physically wrong.  It also gives you peace of mind.  I'm sorry that you cannot afford medical care.  If the symptoms escalate, go to the ER.  They have to treat you regardless of health insurance.
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I agree too.  If you have those symptoms again you should seek medical attention.  It will make you feel better in the long run if you know they've ruled out heart, neuro problems etc,,,
I've gone in a couple of times, thought I was having a heart attack, but I knew I needed to hear "you're ok" (meaning there isn't a physiological/non-mental issue) from someone else.
Hope that makes sense.
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What happened two months ago that may have triggered these anxiety symptoms? Major change in life, traumatic experience, relationship woes?

Your symptoms do indeed have all the makings of anxiety. Try to narrow down what may have caused it, it may not be something very obvious. Did you recently graduate from school, get a new job, looking for a job, trying to figure out what you want to be and what to do, start a new school, move, have a sick family member etc? Lots of things can trigger anxiety, often it can something subtle that we may not have given a lot of thought or perhaps the anxiety works as a distraction from having to deal with whatever is weighing on your mind.
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