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Anxiety attacks at night please help

alright im just to scared to go to sleep i dont know why thats when all the anxiety hits me i get pressure in my nose and it all goes right down my body like a searge of somthing i cant do this anymore .... im really scared and i dont know what to do... i got so many symptoms right now and the one thats scareing me is tingaling in my head its like half head ake half tingaling it goes away when im doing somthing or in the shower but it hits me when i think about it  i need help on how to stop thinking abbout it!!! help me

well ill give you a bit more info on myself and how it all started... im a 14 year old male. and well... of course some teenagers try out drugs.. and i was one of them i tryed smoking cigs and smoking pot. ive read that smoking pot can cause axeity and of course i knew this about 3 months after this started. so i did pot maybe about 3 times. and after the 3rd time it hit me on the weekend. cant breath and alot of other weird feelings so... i thought to myself about a month after maybe smoking pot can calm me down so i did that and got high once again i was calm for about another month until the REAL anxiety really hit me i couldent sleep couldent do anything it was killing! me so i went to this ezodinamics doctor and he said it was anxiety hes a natural doctor like a chiropractor but way different and only in ontario so i doubt you know. anyways so he fixed me up and i felt perfect for about a week then it really hit me again for about 4 5 days then it went away again after i saw him he told me its just his work pushing all the bad stuff out of me. so i was so releaved then he told me to go see him once more and he will be done... so im waiting on that and this is the worse anxiety ive ever had im just so scared and to let you know i found out this steady breathing and thinking patterns and that got me to sleep it took me about half and hour but !! the next night it dident i got them serges through my body and it was KILLIN me please give me some advice
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OK Kebles, first things first, You are a 14 year old boy/teenager right!! how come this doctor agreed to see you without your parent or guardian? because in my country which is Ireland, this just would not be allowed!! Anyways, putting all that to one side, you now are beginning to understand the dangers and side affects that not only do tobacco have on your system but also of course Pot, which you now know that you shouldn't go near again and avoid like the plague, right!!!

You seem to be of course suffering with anxiety and why wouldn't you be, as you are still only 14yrs old, and your body is at it's highest peak of development, and could do without the input of tobacco and of course pot!!! hope you won't touch any of that stuff again, as it will interfere with your health bigtime, and I am not only saying that to frighten you or anything, it is true - so believe me when I say it!

Firstly, I would love for you to tell your parents/guardians "EVERYTHING" that you have put on this forum and do NOT be afraid, as they are going to stand by you no matter what, WHY or HOW do I know this is because I am a Mother of two children and just know that they will not do wrong by you.

Secondly, with their support and encouragement, and another trip or two to the doctors you are going to get through this - do you hear me!!

Glad u found this forum, you are so very young, and really need the backup of your folks or guardians, please do let me know how you get on - won't you.

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hello there umm first off my parents took me to this natural he did help me alot and with the pot and tabbaco they already know of it ive been to see my doctor he isnt to worryed i dont know why he said to get lots of excerzise and i figured that it could be point in my life where anxiety takes over and i could grow out of it dont worry ill be fine and my parents dont know about what i posted but.. they know of my problems
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Hi Kebles,

Well at least your parents are aware of what is going on that is very important. I know that you will be fine, I just worried for you that's all, as I am already a Mam and have kids of my own, so I guess it just comes naturally.

Let me know how you get on though, and the excercise will of course play a big role in your life.

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alright sunset ill letcha know all the details :)
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