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Anxiety attacks keep coming

I have had anxiety problems for about 14 years. I would have an attack, go see my doctor and then I wouldn't have another one for a long while. This happened off and on for these 14 years. Some times I would have an attack and then another one a few days later. In 2007 I went through a rough divorce. I have (now) a 5 year old daughter. In 2008, I lost my house to foreclosure, had to move in with my mom, and lost my job and was unemployed from June 2008 until August of 2009. Out of all of this, I did not have any panic attacks.

In August of 2009 I got a new job. It is a computer tech job and relatively stress free. In February of this year I acquired me a girlfriend for the first time since my divorce. Also in February of this year, I had what I consider the WORST panic attack I had ever had. Since I work in a computer department of a mental health organization, it was highly suggested to me to seek therapy. So I did. Since then, I have met with my psychologist 6 times. Also since then I have had multiple anxiety attacks. As a matter of fact I had one last week, yesterday, and today.
My psychologist said I was a "catastropher" in that I always assume the worst is happening. My first attack this year I felt like I was short of breath. He told me that the only reason you have an anxiety attack is because you hyperventilate.
Is this true? Because today I feel as if my breathing is normal but I am still having attacks and feel short of breath.
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I would have to differ with your psychologist about the reason for anxiety attacks. Hyperventilating may be ONE reason but it's not the only reason.
I'm not a doctor or psychologist but there are many causes...see:

Positive events have been found to be more stressfull then negative ones...so getting a new job is more stressful then losing a job.  
Perhaps you consciously or subconsiously worry that now that you have regained a job and a girlfriend, you have the fear of losing them.   In your situation a fear like that would be quite understandable.  However it's your ability to cope with you current situation that defines the problem.  You have a history of an anxiety disorder so it would seem quite reasonable that it is 'flaring up' during this period of stressful events.  Positive and happy events always hit me harder then the negative ones stress wise.  
What did you do to cope with your anxiety in the past?  What does this psychologist recommend that you do?  Talk about it ad infinitum??  :-)
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you hyperventilate mostly with panic attacks,but that dont always happen,anxiety is all sorts of symptoms,including feeling short of breath,you have been through a great deal and the bad things that have happened is what is making you feel anxious you have to face your problems head on dont run from what has happened then you can start to learn to deal with the anxiety.
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How can I convince myself that my shortness of breath is my anxiety. I usually have an attack and then by the end of the day I get over it. This one has been going on since yesterday and I have it in my head that since I have been feeling short of breath that I have something else wrong.
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I can tell you that I often have shortness of breath related to my anxiety, even when I am not having a "panic attack." I live in a constant state of anxiety and even if I feel like I am doing well, I will often still have shortness of breath. I have recently started taking medication for my anxiety and have noticed my shortness of breath has all but went away. Sometimes it is also the thinking about your breathing that can cause the symptoms. Maybe seeing a psychiatrist who could recommend a great medication for you would help. I was initially against taking any medication but have found that it has done wonders for me. There is no need to suffer through anxiety.

I hope you get the help you need :)
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it is hard to convince yourself, that there is something worse wrong with you than there is,so instead of using all your energy to convince your self of that convince yourself that it is just anxiety,you will feel so much better.good luck
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