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Anxiety attacks?

Hello! I just signed in...I really need some help:-( I got pregnant 2years ago with my second baby,and had a very bad pregnancy...was throwing up 9months,and was exhausted. I woke up at night,jumped out of my bed,and started running, i felt down, my heart was racing,couldnt breath good,had a feeling,that im going to die. I was running to my neighbor,he is a paramedic ,he checked my blood pressure,it was normal. I thought, its probably from the medication, what i was taking to not throw up. After couple of weeks it happened again,and again...My doctor sent me to a cardiologist,and to check my thyroid. when i was waiting for the appointment, had a panic attack in the car with my husband. We run to the ER, where they made CT of my chest ,because i couldnt breathe ,and the EKG was normal too. My thyroid came out normal too...They said,i had i ;panic attack. Never heard about it before.Since that(for 2years now) im suffering from anxiety,that im going to dye. I had for over a year dizziness and fainting feeling, numbness of my hands...that went away. i was scared to leave my home,because i was pregnant,couldnt take any medication,always wanted to be around my neighbors when something will happen to me,so they can take care of my son. It was terrible. after my 2.baby was born it was a little better,than it came again. Was taking lexapro for 2months,and after i wanted to stop,because i dont wanna be on medication. It wasnt any better for months, waking up at night still,with the same symptoms, had a heart ultrasound later which came out normal. than my heart started hurting so i went to urgent care,when they made EKG and it was abnormal,so they sent me to the ER, they made chest Xray, checked all the enzymes in my blood,everything was ok. After i started to feel that my throat is getting tight,and i cant breathe. went to ER, they made Xray,nothing was in my throat, my oxygen was 99%.After i saw an ENT. didnt find anything.Had a thyroid ultrasound,it was normal. I just feel, when they tell me,that something is normal,than my body starts to look for something else to worry about. I spent the last 2years thousand of dollars for doctors,ER-s...and nobody find anything.i have 2babys at home,cant enjoy them,because im always thinking of my health,im scared that im going to dye. just bought a book Panic away,which is very good,but  when i fell im controlling my anxiety,than i will wake up at night again,and its starting all,over again...I have a great life, dont have to work, have 2beautiful kids, have a good marriage ,and im dieing from inside.Cant be happy...does anybody had these feelings too?I feel safe when i go see a doctor,after im in a good mood for 2days and it comes again.My husband is very patient but i can see how he suffers that he cant help me,and he comes home and sees me always nervous and im comming up with  something else,that hurts or a reason to go to see a doctor. :-( I like to read other people experiences with panic and anxiety it helps to find  my self sometimes. Ill be happy to have any comments from somebody or support,thank u
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Clearly anxiety's wrecking the quality of your life. There are effective drugs that can help, also some talking therapies that are useful too. I know exactly how you feel. Be assured that you can get well, the important thing is to get things in perspective. We are all going to die for sure ~ the trick's not to cross that bridge until you come to it. Easier said than done. Panic attacks are not fatal, once you accept that you're half way there to being able to cope with them. Decidedly unpleasant, but surviveable. You need to see someone that's qualified in Psychiatric/Psychological studies. As you can see on this site panic/anxiety/bipolar/depression affects lots more people than is generally thought. You are not unique in that respect. But at least you have asked for support & there will be others on site that can answer specific questions regarding your condition. But no one but a Doc.Psych. can give a diagnosis. You'll probably get told that prayers work/Alternative medicine & a whole host of remedies. Do not despair, you will start to improve as soon as you believe that you can get better & not be cursed with rotten anxietfy always. I wish you luck, best wishes, George
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It does sound like classic anxiety and panic attacks.  What's funny about anxiety is that you really have no idea when it will strike and it is usually when you feel everything is fine.  It sounds like you have had everything checked out thoroughly so have you thought about asking to speak to a therapist?  I know it stinks being on meds, but if you need them now, it doesn't mean you will need them forever.  My anxiety started after the birth of my 2nd daughter.   I was so terrified I was going to die. I worried their entire childhood and now they are 17 and 19 and I look back and realize it was all just anxiety. I say just anxiety like that is nothing, but it truly can be a disabling disease.  I am a very high-strung person and usually voice my opinion which makes me (and my doctor) think it's just the way I'm wired.  Some people are more prone to suffer from anxiety than others.  Does anyone else in your family suffer from anxiety?  It can be genetic. It sounds like you have a wonderful support system.  If you have not asked to be referred to speak with someone, I would start there.  The Panic Away book is good, but sometimes self-help doesn't cut it.  You hang in there.  You are going to be fine.  Take one day at a time and know that each time you panic and make it through, if it happens again, you're going to make it through again.  Each time it will get better.  Don't fight the panic, just know it's not going to hurt you, it's just extra adrenaline built up that needs to get used up.  Best of luck to you...and enjoy those babies!
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I agree with the previous comments - it really sounds like very classic generalized anxiety with panic attacks.  Panic attacks can absolutely wake you up from sleep, and they feel just like you've described.  They will NOT kill you.  And, in fact, many people find that therapy can help them learn to calm themselves back down when they start to occur. Sounds like you got yourself off to a good start by finding the book on panic.  Given the impact this is having on your life, though, I would absolutely encourage you to find a good therapist that you like talking with and who deals with this issue to help you learn the specific skills that have been developed for this situation.  

In addition - it might be worth reconsidering medications.  You can always use medications now, and as you feel more comfortable with having learned additional skills to help think your way out of some of the symptoms you can then try stopping them.  But, it really sounds like this is dominating your life right now - you want to do what you have to to get it under control!  

Bottom line, though - it sounds just like anxiety, which is good news, since it means there are very effective treatments out there!
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You received excellent advice and I can't add a single thing except to add my voice to those who have urged you to seek out therapy.

As to your question if anyone else has these same feelings, I can assure you that virtually all of us know EXACTLY what you're talking about!
You are not alone and you are not going crazy.
And we are always here!
Now go get the help you need so you can enjoy those beautiful babies, your family and  life!
We all wish you the very best.
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I will second (or third lol) the advice you've received.  Panic attacks can be absolutely debilitating, petrifying and awful....but the 1st and foremost thing to remember is....THEY WILL NOT HARM YOU IN ANY WAY!!!  The BEST way they were ever described to me when I was newly diagnosed with Panic Disorder is that a panic attack is like a fire alarm without the fire.  We have this super strong reaction, as if our life was threatened (the "fight or flight response") WITHOUT an obvious trigger, which makes them that much more scary!  

The second thing to focus on is the fact that you've been very thoroughly examined many times by many doctors, including very extensive diagnostictesting.  If you had a physical problem, or illness ready to take you off this planet, it would have been found by now.  I know in the midst of a panic attack, VERY little gives you solace...but that's where professional help comes into the picture.  It will help you begin to retrain your thinking and start breaking the cycle of panic (which is panic-worry-panic-worry).  You begin to worry about simply having another attack...and the MORE you worry, the more another PA is inevitable.

Help is out there....you CAN overcome this.  It just takes some time, and most importantly patience.  It unfortunately doesn't happen overnight.  We get ourselves into the anxiety cycle VERY quickly...but cannot UNDO it that fast.  You need to remain open minded when discussing treatment options, including medications.  Meds are great at diminishing some of the effects of anxiety....so that you can start diving into therapy and learning coping techniques.  However, meds take TIME to work, which again, is where the patience comes into play.  Meds also often come with some unpleasant initial side effects, which, for most people, will resolve after some time..but again....it takes patience to perservere through that.

Keep reading and posting here.  This is a great resource on top of the professional help that any one of us would recommend.  I kind of like to think of our forum as its own sort of "group therapy" venue.  It is so helpful and reassuring just knowing and reading about others' experiences....knowing that you're NOT alone.  And, you're not. You're among friends and we know what you're going through.  It's hard and it stinks...but believe me...with the right help...you won't feel like this forever.  

Now, go hug those beautiful babies and say out loud "Better days are ahead and I have friends at MedHelp that care and will help me through this".

Take Care.
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