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Anxiety attacks

Hello everyone, I am new to this group. I have been suffering from social anxiety my whole life without medication, I didn't know it was social anxiety until about 6 months ago, I just thought it was me. Over the past year or so I have been getting anxiety and panic attacks which are taking over my life, i dont know what braught them on but its really starting to scare me... I am getting them everyday or every other day, I get light headed, it feels like pressure all over in my head like it is going to explode and my ears plug, my heart pounds, my hands shake and I get hot cold flashes, it feel like i am going to faint. The one night I felt if I fell asleep i was not going to wake up, i didnt think there was enough oxygen getting to my brain... these kind of attacks have been happening at home, at work, its taking over my life. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what i shoudl do? I have gone to see my doctor about it and he told me to just calm myself down... what a great doctor...... so lately I have been keeping track of my attacks and I am looking for a new doctor to speak too.
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Hello I am also new to this site and I have been having all the same symptoms as you. My doctors want me to try a new medication so that is what I am about to start. It is scary and I know it is hard but we do need to calm our self down I have not yet figured out how to do that it seems impossible at times today has been a good day for me so far I been good I get the panic attacks as often as you also and they do take over our life so maybe when u get a new doctor u can suggest some meds and ask them if they think that counseling might help
just stuff to help u have a great day
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I'm not sure where you are, but there are different options to consider. A book I've found to at least offer comfort in terms of "You're not alone" Is Lucina Basett's book "From Panic to Power".  She has a website you can check out as well if you google it, and has another book too.  Most of us are going through similiar things. It is not rare for me to be afraid to sleep at night because I start thinking maybe I somehow accidentally 'ovedosed' (I didn't. I never do. It is irrational.) You need a psychiatrist who will understand, and keeping track of your attacks is a VERY Good idea. But instead of just keeping track of attacks, keep track of when you're feeling okay too. This is important because it provides a balance, and will help you remember to regard good times as precious instead of take them for granted. It will also show your psychiatrist whether your anxious moments COMPLETELY overtake your good moments, so they'll know just how serious a situation you're in.
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I think i should see a psychiatrist aswell, my doctor right now always rushes me out of the office even if there is no other patients waiting, before I have finished going over the reason as to why i was there. so i get frustrated and leave, whats the point if he doesn't care... I am on the look out right now for a good doctor, i should have one by mid next week. I will for sure look into this book, all of this is so new to me still and I only a little about anxiety and panic attacks, my research is still in working process, i find when i am reading about it, it makes me feel overwhelmed and anxious thiking about the attacks. I had one last night and was able to calm myself down after about an hour. Do either one of you get the insane pressure inyour head when you have an attackor are abot to have an attack?
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You're focusing on the negative too much, stop worrying;  it's not worth it. Don't abandon who you really are to chase your so called problems...stay out of your thoughts. Remember what made you happy and meditate like you used to...Nothing matters but your sanity at this point. Meds help, temporarly, but You can help you even more by just controlling your emotions...If you are a tennis player, then go back to meditating on your perfromance...I know the problems all seem super signifigant, but dump off all that negative weight, and go back to you.....Meditate like you used to. If your best friend is sleeping with you wife/husband, let it go(not easy, but do it for you) cuz it'll kill only you. Problems are the enemy and the enemy cant survive without attention...ignore it!
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People interpret anxiety attacks in different ways. I'd say mine starts with a stark 'fear' feeling. Like almost being on a rollercoaster and suddenly taking that dip down. It is overwhelming, and I can't think clearly.  Warning signs come on differently, but anxiety can be marked by tons of different things. I rarely experience the light-headed feeling, but it's an almost constant factor in others with anxiety.  Everyone experiences panic attacks differently. And yes, a psychiatrist is going to be the best able to help you deal. And sometimes, your first psychiatrist -won't- be a good match. Don't be afraid to keep looking if you really don't like their advice, or you feel like they don't care about you. You're dealing with enough in your own head. Don't be too harsh on psychiatrist, but realize when enough is enough as well.
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Thank you for your advise but it is alot harder then you may think... Easier said then done to just ignore it! I try to not think about the negative, obviously... but it takes over and it takes a long time to calm yourself down, sometimes it ruines my whole day and im so tired after an attack that all i want to do is sleep. the rest of the day is all a groggy fog. It's hard when your not even sure why its happening, maybe its from ignoring it so much my whole life that my brain is overloaded and doesnt know what else to do.

I now have 11 possible choices for a family doctor lol. I need to narrow down my search now... my aunt works in the medical field in the city where i live so i will ask her her opinion. I jsut want a doctor to listen and care what i have to say. its so frustrating. I am starting my search for a psychiatrist aswell and will discuss it with my new doctor. thanks for all your advise and help with this, it really helps having people who are going threw the same thing and can help with their opinions and situations, i love this website :-)

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