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Anxiety attatcks vs anxiety vs panic PLEASE HELP ME UNDERSTAND

I know these things all go hand-in-hand.  I'm just not sure how to treat my panic.  I used to have anxiety attacks...aweful aweful.  Today, my anxiety has returned, no attacks, but a few episodes of panic.  They go away but make me hyperventilate.  That isn't fun because I have asthma.  

Anyways, has anyone felt the difference between an anxiety attack and a panic attack?  Are they treated the same?
Man this is confusing.  I'm in college and a few times I've had my panic attacks.  No one knows what's going on, I just go to the bathroom and know they will subside.  I just want to take care of the problem incase it gets worse.

Thanks for your help!!!
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everyone will have different opinions on this mine is.....to me panic is short lived like lasts for maybe half an  hour where as anxiety lasts for days, thats what happens to me anyway, i live with anxiety daily, worrying about my heart etc but if i have a panic attack its only short lived?? like if you go to the bathroom the panic subsides where as my anxiety is much harder to get rid off, sorry if i haven bin much help its hard to explain
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No, thank you.  Like you said, it's hard to explain.

I have anxiety every too.  (ususally)
If I have a panic attack, it only lasts a few minutes and subsides within about a half hour
My anxiety attacks were aweful and lasted about an hour.  I just didn't know if treating anxiety attacks and panic attacks were the same.  This all suck really.  LOL

Thanks for your input.  
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Anxiety attacks and panic attacks are interchangeable.  They mean the same.  When you feel constantly on edge, can't seem to get comfortable and it feels like your heart is always pounding that is anxiety.....It truly $ucks!
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yeah i would say the treatment is the same although i believe anxiety needs therapy as its more long term,,,it is hard and i hate both the panics and anxiety. i dont seem to have the panics as much now health anxiety has taken over which worries me everyday but i dont get the panic feelin just worry omg it is so hard to explain lol
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This whole entire disorder is hard to explain!!!  You don't know it unless you live it!
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Thanks you guys.  And you are exactly right...you don't know unless you live it.

I would never wish it upon anyone.  It truelly stinks. Anyways, we are all strong individuals.  There are times that it goes away.  I'm thankful for that.  I have noticed that eating better foods and exercise really does help.  

Because I write in my journal, I am able to look back and see the things that I did while my anxiety was under control.  A common theme was definetely exercise.  I go in spurts, but it seems that after running a few times a week, my anxiety was not bothering me as much.  This is just an observation.  I'm sure there's some truth to it.

Eating healthy also helps relieve anxiety.  I am an unhealthy eater.  I love potatoe chips, pastas, and anything bad for you.  I am thinner so I never really have to worry about weight.  BUT, I'm a recovering bulimic, so food has a lot to do with my anxiety/guilt.  While I eat, I feel a sense of happiness and my anxiety doesn't bother me.  It was the wrong form of therapy because I tried to compensate for binging by purging.  I'm ok now, but just know that it helps me to eat healthier.

Does anyone have anything that they noticed they did while there anxiety was at bay (for a few days to a few weeks)?
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