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Anxiety body odor, please help.

When I am nervous, or just thinking about it, a horrible smell comes from my armpits. It's not regular sweat, and it only comes when i think about it. It is ruining my life, and i just want it to stop, but i don't know what to do. The smell is very strong, and when the smell comes, it gets in my clothes too. It is really hard to get rid of the problem, because I have social anxiety because of  it too. So when i go out, or go to school, i am afraid of people smelling me, and i just start smelling bad again. It is a mental problem, because my mind is causing the smell to come. Can anyone please help me, or give me some tips to get rid of this? If not, i don't think i can live with this anymore.
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I am going through the samething. It's really rough to have this anxiety. I'm trying to cope with it too but I don't know how
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I began experiencing this Anxiety BO in my 30's.  I just had the humiliating experience of being in a salsa class where no one wanted to dance with me because of my bo.  Humiliated I left and I cried.  I am freaking to grown for this sh**, I noticed as I do more stuff the more likely I experience my nuclear sweats(my term).  My odor wafts around the deodorant to create a skunk smell and then magically disappears as soon as I leave the situation.  Its like black stigmatizing magic.  I am annoyed.  I take herbs for anxiety, I get 7 hours sleep.  I meditate twice a day.  My diet is predominantly raw and I have been eating parsley and yoga like a horse.  still getting very embarrassed.    What does work:  8 hours sleep, doing less, drinking water, ignoring assholes who sniff (hard to do), doing yoga helps some, and therapy (but I am tired of therapy).  This forum makes me smile.  I have been feeling soooo bad.  I am going to approach this like a research project.  I know this **** can be overcome just got to patient, take great notes, and pay attention.  Thanks to everyone sharing their stories.  This forum made my day:)
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