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Anxiety can’t seem to control ... and strange feeling in most lymph glands

Hi, I went through some challenging family issues and that seemed to trigger a series of anxiety attacks for a few weeks. I worked my way through these for the most part. During them I developed what feels like swollen or tingling lymph glands. I went to see a doctor and he did a physical and blood test and said everything seems normal. But the strange feelings and raising heart , etc. just don’t go away. I am still anxious but less. The doctor now put me on Zoloft 50mg. In a week I already gained back some energy and the extreme anxiousness is not as bad. But the strange body feeling persist and they keep freaking me back out.  I should know this is my mind doing it, I can feel them geting worse as soon as I started writing this.  Anytime I think about it I can feel it all more. But it still is freaking me out ... I just want to get back to normal ! This is all making me crazy. Any comments of support or ideas to help would be appreciated.

Thanks !
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You don't really say what it is you're feeling, but I'm wondering, did your doctor recommend a therapist before putting you on a strong drug like Zoloft?  Is he a psychiatrist?  Do you feel your life is so impeded you need medication or do you think you just need to get over the effects of the things that triggered this?  Doctors these days hand out antidepressants like candy, it gets you out of the office, but your doctor does know a whole lot more about medicine than those of us on here.  If you don't think your doctor did a good job, get a second opinion, or see a specialist.  But starting medication is a big step, it can be a lifetime step, and you might be a good candidate for medication but it's not the first step for most people.  It's there when things go out of control, not for every time a person feels life is getting difficult.  You know better than we do where you fall on the scale of how much your life is being disrupted, and whether this is the first step you think you should take to get over this anxious thinking part of it.  But as for the physiological part, again, you haven't really described it that well.  If the Zoloft is making it less of a problem, it might indicate you are suffering from anxiety, but antidepressants can also make people just not care as much about their problems without necessarily be addressing the problem.  
Thanks Paxiled. Sorry I did not explain very well in my post. The medication was the right decision, I was beyond struggling.  My challenge is now that during the weeks of anxiety I developed sensations in my lymph nodes. I can feel them, tingle, feel swollen, just noticeable when they usually are not. I went to the doctor and he says they are not swollen and feel ok, but to me that can’t be. He ran a lot of blood chemistry test cover like 20 areas and everything came back normal. I have felt these kind of sensation in the past when stressed but they are really getting to me this time. I think they are worse than the past. I am wondering if others have had this situation with glands that feel funny , but doctors say are ok?
Do you have expertise is knowing where you're lymph nodes actually are?  The doctor is.  Us anxiety sufferers can create a lot of trauma for ourselves, but swollen lymph nodes is one thing any doctor can find.  I'm not so sure we can.
You have a great point. I do not. The feeling are coming from the general areas I know lymph glands are located  .. back of head, under side of jaw, under arms, groin. I believe the doctor when he says they are not swollen. I also agree stress and anxiety can do so much to our bodies and mind. I focusing on it is just stress, nothing terrible is happening and just try to go on normally like nothing is wrong.  I have a doctors appointment next week as a follow up to check everything again. Thanks again, the conversations help bring common sense and reasonableness to me.
You are over-examining your body, to the point that you are self-diagnosing lymph issues despite not having any medical training - and not even knowing where the lymph is, is a problem when trying to diagnose.
I saw you had other medical fears recently such as the fear that bed sheets will transmit STD when there was no sex, and you had another thread closed, so consider asking your doctor about therapy to help you not feel the need to self-diagnose. The fears created by your self-diagnosis cause anxiety.
Working with Cognative Behavior Therapy.  Medication is helping, reassurance is helping. But still have the anxiety and constant thinking about the worst my mind can dream up.  I still have the discomfort / sensation in the areas where the main lymph nodes are, it comes and goes, sometimes one area stays or another but is not getting worse or swelling.  I saw my doctor again and he did another physical,  checking everything and he could find nothing out of the normal. I just need to trust logic and common sense and ignore the irrational thoughts and fears.  Thanks all for the words of help and sharing your challenges.
Your doctor said there is no lymph disorder but you say there is.
The only way you will get peace is if you let go of the idea that you can diagnose and your doctor can't.
No, I don’t disagree with the doctor. But I still am having the aches and discomfort in those areas. The doctor said they are being caused by anxiety  and will go away when I get control of the anxiety. The aches, pains, discomfort cause me to 2nd guess what is happening. I am working to get control of the irrational thoughts and fears.  Have others had this kind of thing happen to them?
All of us, on one way or another.
Thanks, any suggestions on how to control them ?
That's what this forum is all about -- you either figure out how to get better in therapy, you use holistic medicine to change your diet, lifestyle, etc., you find a sudden spiritual belief that forces you to become a more positive person, you spontaneously get better (it happens a lot) and if all that fails you go on medication and do the best you can.  Most of us haven't figure it out or we wouldn't be on here, but there's an awful lot to try out there if you have the motivation, which is our biggest stumbling block because that's what mental illness is -- it takes away our positive energy.  If you can overcome that, you will get better.  
Wow ! Very well said and written, that is really helpful. I am not stopping the fight I push forward every day. I struggle to understand how my body can make me feel this way and not have something wrong with me beside anxiety/stress. That my struggle right now. But I really appreciate what you wrote.
Well ... I just got another hiv test gen 4 .. it’s negative like so many told me.  
Anxiety is a powerful beast ! It can really mess with your mind and body.
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