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Anxiety causing chest pain and breathlessness?

Hi i am a 17 year old male who works out a lot and lives a pretty healthy life. Ive never really had depression or anxiety until recently in march i had some minor health issues like high bp and i also had Covid in january. Now that both went away in a few weeks but ever since march i just had anxiety every day thinking about it because like i said i never had any sort of big stress in my life, i will say that i was finishing school and i had a lot of work to be done so that also put some stress on me. But now i just have these mild chest pains that come and go, sometimes i feel lack of breath and some heart beat skips here and there. It is really annoying but i found that distracting myself and doing something, 99% of the time symptoms go away. But once i think about them, the return. I sometimes go a few days in a row woth these symptoms and sometimes i go with a day or two in a row with no symptoms. I really think this is due to anxiety, ive read a ton of stories from other people and they all had very similar stories. I heard about it being anxiety, some of my symptoms can be a sign of costochondritis or maybe some nervous system stress. If anyone has any ideas as to what this might be or you yourself reading this, experienced something like this, i would love to know your thoughts.
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Anxiety is such a pain! Sorry you have it and yes, that's what you describe. You've had a physical this year? Sounds like you have been to the doctor. They've ruled out any coronary issues (and hypertension and heart issues at your age are rare but still, your doctor needs to be in the know and clear you). But it does sound like some classic anxiety symptoms happening. https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/319496  We get these feeling as our body reacts to anxiety and stress. What is key is to know your triggers or if it is just generalized, to know how to solve it. Sounds like distraction works for you. But what else can you do? If you recognize any causes to anxiety, you can work on those. Time management strategies, for example ,to help with school work so you have less worried moments of getting it all done. That kind of thing. But also, breathing exercises, self talk to help, down time for self care, a therapist to talk to. You sound to be coping pretty well but if not, medication can really help too. Getting exercise is important. It's a great stress reducer and helps us stay centered and less anxious overall. Eating well and plenty of sleep. All help.

What kinds of things stress you? School work? What else?
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In all reality the chest pain is just a reminder. You wouldn't know your having a heart attack. ( 27 and just had a heart attack withdrawing from 90mg 2mg for 10 years) so your age. Anxiety is a fight or flight feeling. Mine has become flight, to the point it's not safe. I recommend just remembering anxiety is normal and a driver. It can get to be to much sometimes but unless your convulsing pretty bad I would throw the heart attack thing out the window at your age no benzo use from what I read which is great! Anxiety manefists itself in almost every form possible. I literally hallucinated to the point it's my reality. Keep distracting yourself like you said. I believe you will find it is all a trick. Aka your mind.  Hope this helps
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