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Anxiety/depression, love and emotions?

I have anxiety/depression problem for years;however , I did learn how to manage it with small amount of xanax. My problems is feeling emotionless or filling emotionally numb. In my good days, especially when I take more meds or drink few beers, I love my gf, I want to propose, I am planning the future, I am excited about the future and marriage. In my bad days, I don't feel love, I question myself, I am not that motivated and excited about the future, not satisfied, not happy about sex, but I know I don't want to be with anybody else. I love her, she is the one. I want to be with her and feel all of the feelings and be happy all the time not only few times a week. How to do it? Is it normal with anxiety? It is a hell!!! Also, during my bad days I am very tired, overwhelmed by every task, irritable, complaining all the time, feel kind of empty. Can anxiety do that to you??? If yes what are some natural remedies to help me?
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I assume you're not taking any medication for your depression? What you describe sounds more like depression than anxiety, but you can have both.  But your numbness, lack of feelings, lack of motivation and irritability all point to depression. Depression can cause anxiety. I would see a professional for a diagnosis as to exactly what is going on, and go from there.  Therapy is very effective, because there is always a root cause for our depression and/or anxiety.
Once we figure out thru therapy what that is, we can deal with it and move on, often without medication.  Things happen to us in life, and we try to forget it and think it's gone, when in reality it's still there waiting to be dealt with.  It manifests itself in us with the depression and/or anxiety, and this is why it is imperative to not just mask the symptom, but address the cause. Xanax should never be combined with alcohol, it intensifies the effects of the Xanax and this is dangerous and may be causing you more problems. For natural remedies you may want to visit our Aternative Therapies Forum for help.  It sounds like you're truly in love, don't let her get away! Take care...
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Thank you!!! I was seen doctors for years. The antidepressants don't work for me, have lots of side effects, and making me worse. After many consultations, I was diagnosed with GAD, that results in depression. What you describing is totally right. I was much worse for years. Now its better. I am so afraid that will ruin my relationship, life. Is that what experience is anxiety? or my crooked personality?
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Have you tried any of the newer ones?  Depression deprives you of any joy you derive from life, and causes you to doubt yourself and lose interest in just about everything.  It sounds like you've got a lot of good things going on, and you don't want to lose that.  Be careful that you don't become dependent on alcohol to enjoy life, it puts you on a slippery slope, and eventually you're living your life from the bottom of a bottle. If I were you I would get into therapy.  You sound very strong, and I think that once you find the cause of how you're feeling, and deal with it, you can live a happy life.  A therapist can tell you if it's depression or your crooked personality :)  Good luck and take care.....
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hi my daughter is on xanax and ever sence she has been on this she has gain alot of weight can u gain weight from this xanax and if anyone knows which one she can take without gaining weight please let me know thank lisa
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I dot think she is gaining Weight from xanax. I would look for different cause.
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Exercise, and avoiding booze, would probably be the first two things you're told to do. That combo alone might really perk you up. Of course, I don't follow either of the mantras regularly, and as such I know I'm only compounding my problem.

I absolutely feel just like you, Rocky.

Being stressed out can take a lot out of you. It can also cause push emotions aside, as emotions can often lead to anxiety.

My girlfriend is very compassionate about everything that I deal with, but sometimes (and it builds up in her) she also feels like I just don't care enough, when that's completely not the case.

Sometimes I feel numbed out to everything, because my main focus becomes getting through the work day, and dealing with my anxiety. I sometimes push her away for a week at a time, while I work on getting my head together.

I don't know if that's officially depression or not. I think most people go through times like that, but you could certainly talk to a therapist about it so that they can get a bigger picture.

I'd bet if we took an honest, private poll, of people with anxiety, a lot of them would feel similarly, because they're just so drained out from it all.
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