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Anxiety/depression and relationships

About 2 years ago i sought help for anxiety depression.  I went to counseling for probably 8 months or so.  I stopped somewhat abruptly, and now its hitting back hard.  I just met a girl that i like alot and actually feel comfortable around.  Its only been a month or so, only 4 or 5 dates, but its going well.  My questions are:  Is it a bad idea to start a relationship now?  And how should i go about telling her?  I don't know if dropping a boat load like this on her at once is a good idea.  And it doesn't help, or maybe it does, that she is has her bachelors in psychology.
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Hi.  I dated a guy for 2 years who had anxiety and depression (I thought he had a pretty severe case).  The problem with our relationship was that the guy did not "explain" what he was experiencing (he prefered not to get into that) and expected me to understand what he was going through.  Just b/c you have anxiety/depression doesn't mean you shouldn't be dating...you just gotta be more understanding of that fact that if they person never went through it, they might have difficulty understanding "your world".  Talk about it and help her understand what it is you're experiencing.  Also, don't just talk about it, do something about it too.  Continue counseling (if it was helping).  Good luck to you.
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Thank you Me2mommy2b,
I had been having panic attacks the last two days.  I reread some of the literature i have, and its amazing not only how well it can help but how easily I forget it some easy steps to stop it.
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