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Been diagnosed for chronic anxiety/depression
since 1996. Have tried many antidepressants and benzodiazopenes. Nothing really helps much.Still suffering.Have a current psychiatrist
and have had 5 or 6 therapists over the years.
Nothing seemed to help.Docter wanted me to try
dexedrine.No pharmacy has it. Scary drug anyway.
My question is; Due to above scenario,would
psychiatrist prescribe low dose & usage of
vicodin. Say 1 5/500 pill a week. I know it is not much,but for that 1 day per week i would be free
from depression and anxiety and look forward to
the next week which would have a positive
psychological effect?
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I to suffer from anxiety.  I am scared to take anti anxiety medicine.....is there anything you could recommend for me to try?? Thank you for any help!!
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you might want to check your spam folder or junk mail if you dont receive my email.

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Thanks! I'll send you an email right now
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Over exercising isn't well, it makes your body increase it's activity level and yes, it causes anxiety attacks. The exercise you need is yoga, pilates, walking, etc. it's not to tone muscles, nor loose weight, is for your body to use all the extra energy it has.  

Remember there are many many ways of dealing with stress. Finding different ways of attacking stress may help.

Try for now to eat less processed sugars (candies, cakes, pastries, etc.) - Alcohol has enormous quantities of processed sugars, and thats NOT good for you- , less white flours (bread, pasta, etc.)and less natural sugars too (mostly bright colored fruit) and add proteins (red meat, fish, seafood, chicken, pork, etc.), if you want to eat same quantity of -flours eat whole grain. This will help with your metabolism, and will provide harder "stuff" for your body to process and most likely your energy and anxiety, therefore, you should be able to sleep better. Try to do yoga's breathing exercises 10-15 mins before you go to bed. Change your music habits 40-60mins before going to bed, listening to calming, soothing and tranquil music really works out for people that has insomnia. Several psychological tests have proven changing music habits, TV shows and daily routine eliminates insomnia, anxiety and other psycho-emotional disorders.

I truly hate Xanax and all chemical medicine. If you body is natural, why stuff it all up with chemicals. There are many natural options...

If there's anything I can help you out with, please write to my email: kreativemindz @ rocketmail . com
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So exercise is good for anxiety and depression? I was running over the winter. During the month of January I ran over 60 miles total. I got an anxiety attack in my sleep one night.

I thought that with all the exercsing I was doing, it would manage my stress. I continued running everyday and at one point began to feel better but then the anxiety hit again. I stopped running after this last bout of anxiety.

I have always used exercise as a way to combat my stress and anxiety but dont think it was working this time around.
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As far as I've learnt through my few years of life, taking pills is not the answer nor solution to that problem. I've studied psychology, natural medicine, tempers, and other things; and from what I've learnt the anxiety and depression may be caused by hormonal and eating disorders, as much as any other psychological issues. Do you exercise? Do you know if you are hyperactive? Are you truly satisfied with your intellectual development? Do you feel fulfilled with your job? There are many questions that can help you determine what is causing the anxiety and depression. Most of the times, the depression is caused by frustration and unhappiness not properly managed. The anxiety too. Managing your feelings, emotions and daily situations adequately could help you a lot.
If there's anything I can help you out with, please write to my email: ***@****
It will be my pleasure to help with what I know. Best wishes.
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