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Anxiety detached comment please

A mouth ago I had a panic attack because I felt as my heart stopped beating and after that my life has changed 24/7 I feel that I have lost my mind I  feel as I'm in a differnt world as every thing is fake in a dream not real I look at my body and it's like it's not there my mind feels detached blocked from thoughts and I can't think any more I'm having truble comuticating with family friends my body feels numb light dizzy I have lost reality I'm scared that my mind is going to fade off to compleatly blank I'm really terrified of how unreal every thing feels it's like I'm gone and watching my body from a distance away I I'm disoriented when I go out side it gets worst for some reson when to hospital mutible times from panic got MRI blood work all ok now talking to anxity teripist and talking prozac for 3 weeks but no change has happend I was a sports guy happy athletic kid and now can't even go out side and I look forward to going to sleep so it stops is this anxity depression could it be brian damage I had a mild concision 4 mouths fully recoverd don't honesty think that could be it if any one could help me with any information suggestions  it would mean a lot thank you
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Many of the feelings and symptoms you have are from the anxiety that you are going though. The sense of detachment you are having is caused from the rush of adrenaline that is going through your body, it is actually your senses on over drive i.e flight or fight. Since you have followed up with your physician and the results came back fine it is extremely unlikely in my opinion that you have brain damage. My suggestion is you continue to speak with your therapist and if the medicine you are taking is not helping tell him/her that so they can make the right adjustments or changes. I would also consider seeing an psychiatrist if you are not already.
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