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Anxiety for the New Year

So this year, 2014, is the first year I've been diagnosed with anxiety problems. My generic Lexapro 15mg prescription has helped me out greatly over the last couple of months but as Christmas comes to an end I'm feeling some anxiety over the coming New Year. I've only been dealing with major anxiety for a few months so I'm feeling anxious over the thought of going another whole year dealing with it, its still relatively new for me after all. Any tips on how to look forward to a brand New Year for those dealing with anxiety issues? My spirit has been high looking forward to Christmas and giving gifts, now that its over I feel a bit down. How can I boost my attitude and look forward to another New Year while facing anxiety issues?

Also post your New Years resolutions! Merry Christmas. (:
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I should add, there's nothing actually special about the New Year.  It's an arbitrary thing -- different cultures don't even share the same date.  Just have fun with it, it isn't real, it's an artificial time to have a celebration and clear your slate to start over.
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First thing is to not attribute everything to anxiety -- coming down off a high is a normal feeling.  I can't tell you how to get there, but the most important thing is to stop thinking about what's going to happen if ...  That's the source of anxiety.  Try to get back to thinking about things happening as they come.
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