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Anxiety help plz!

I would like to know if anyone has not been able to eat much for over a week? I am supposably having anxiety stress issues but i am not sure if thats it or not.I thought that I was having a viral infec.I got to where I cant eat and I am having the anxiety symptoms I am so confused. I am not running fever or anything  please someone help me I feel like **** and figured if it was a viral it would be gone by now   any opinions greatly appreciated thanks.
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About 2-3 weeks ago, I also started having anxiety problems. Mine is infact,'Post Traumatic Stress Disorder', and before I was even diagnosed, I had no appetite. I'd lost 7 lbs, not really realising I wasn't eating. After a while I had to force myself to eat, and saw my Dr. who diagnosed the anxiety disorder.
I strongly recomend you see a Dr. to see if they can diagnose what the problem is, and proscribe you something if needed. It is relieving to hear the words from a professional, letting you know exactaly what the problem may be.
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