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I am not sure whether I suffer from Anxiety attacks and I would appreciate any help?

I have always suffered from spots but about 10yr ago I went to gym and never had a wash to later in the day; I got up in the morning and my forehead was covered in tiny spots which freaked me out.
It left me paranoid about sweating and during the summer months I would do nothing incase I started to sweat.
I met my wife about 3yr after this and whenever we went out for a meal or just out to a public place I used to fret like mad that it would be hot and I would start sweating....summer was the worst because I would be fine a public place until I started to think its warm then I would start worrying I was going to sweat then I would want to get out of the shop ASAP.
This calmed down about a year after being together because I started to take comfort in washing my face...If I felt I was getting to hot it didn't matter because I could go off and wash my face, this settled me down in public places although I still didn't like doing anything in summer....I still had the odd breakout when I started fretting then I would get warm, then, hot, then start sweating but it did not happen as often.
Earlier this year the excessive washing got worse when I joined a gym, I would go on rower first then fret about sweating, when I came of the rower there was red itchy patches on my forehead...but after washing I would calm down and the redness would go away.
The excessive washing damaged my skin and I have been warned to stop washing as much which has taken away my comfort zone.
Now I am freaking out again going places or doing anything which I think will make me warm...when this happens each time I get a red itchy patch on my forehead which goes away when I calm down...I took my daughter swimming this week and stared worrying about sweating which caused a itchy reaction (possible hive with no swelling) but it calmed down once i was in there a sat down.

Is this an anxiety attack?
I am at the end of my tether and I cannot break this cycle...it feels like it is ruining my time with my child and wife because i am constantly paranoid I will get hot and start sweating.


Kind Regards
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Hi Rob.  A lot of people have have itching of their head when hot, and sweating. I have never known anyone to develop a rash from it, so maybe you should see a Dermatologist.  If all other causes are ruled out by the Dermatologist, then you may want to see a psychiatrist to determine if it is anxiety related. From what you wrote, the first time this rash appeared you began to worry over it.  One thing about anxiety is the more you worry about something, the worse the anxiety gets.  Anxiety alone will make us hot or sweat, so getting the anxiety under control may help a lot.  You're not having an anxiety attack as we know it, but it's very possible that obcessing over this happening is making it worse, this leads to more anxiety and thus the vicious cycle.  See a Dermatologist and go from there, I think you will get relief from him/her.  Take care!
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