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Hi I have had anxiety for a while now, worst was having a panic attack the felling is so scary, I have tried everything pregabalin, benzo's, antidepressants nothing is helping me just get throught the day from wen a wake up its horrible  i barely have a life now n my Docz is useless, any ideas or help please life is difficult now x
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Hi sorry to hear about your anxiety. I too have developed health anxiety after the death of my mother and it is truly awful, in10 months I've gone from happy to anxious 24/7. Do you know what triggered your anxiety or is it just a generalised anxiety? I find that medication doesn't help me either, I take propranolol for fast heart rate and shakiness which it does remove these things but the actual anxiety still remains, I find that distraction is the only thing that works for me, like looking cleaning, reading , walking, although some days nothing seems to help and I cannot focus all day!
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Hello Laura1804

I know how you feel, anxiety and panic attacks had also brought inconvenience in life before. Like you I also had tried numerous medications, nothing seemed to work and I've suffered from countless drug side-effects. Probably the only difference between us is I had an amazing set of clinicians. They saw how the meds were affecting me so they made a change in the approach. I was prescribed with a small dosage of Klonopin, did CBT and other psychotherapies, then I was tasked to try some alternative methods to reinforce the medication.

I did yoga, dance exercises, and breathing techniques to strengthen my focus whenever a panic attack occurs. I also tried herbal extracts like lavender tea, chamomile tea, kava tea, also nutritional supplements like fish oil, endoca oil, and melatonin to make me calm down, relax, and help my anxiety-induced insomnia problems.

If you're not happy with your doctor then you should look for another one. Your health is your number one priority and if you feel that the doctor is not providing you with proper care and service then it's you decision whether you stay with them or look for another.
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