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Anxiety in the morning

Still having a bad time dealing with mornings. Therapist tells me to get up and say to myself that this will pass as the days go on, but I find it so hard to face the day, will this every stop.
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It will, many people with anxiety have the same problem including myself so you are not alone. I woke up today with anxiety and nausea, some mornings are better than others. You just have to keep yourself calm and sometimes put on a brave face when your mind is telling you to hide under the covers and be fearful. As days go by it will go down I promise, just takes time and a lot of self convincing that you will be alright. It wont happen all at once but stay proactive and do the best that you can with keeping your mind busy and dont lay in bed too long thinking about it.
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Thanks for your support. It is amazing how I'm so hyper in the morning but at night is so much better. You said that your on medication, isn't,t that supposed to stop the panic attacks in the morning. I was thinking of going on zolft, but if my panic attacks are still going to continue why bother taking anything. In the morning I say to myself that I'm fine and as the day passes it will get better. I tired of sitting home and not doing anything. I was such an out going person.
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I'm on Lexapro and it has helped me out a lot, I don't think any medication will completely zap anxiety, what it does is help control it so that I'm about to function in my day to day life, which it has! Before I started taking the medication my mornings were awful and I would lay in bed for a long time worrying about the day and what was happening to me. Now, I don't worry about things nearly as bad as I used to. Is there still lingering anxiety? Yes. But I am so much better off now that I was a couple months ago, so the medication does help! Medication helps control it but only practice, therapy, and self motivation can kick anxiety completely. You will get better and mornings will start to be easier after time, just trust in yourself!
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Thanks for your support. So frustrated, just want to go forward
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Hi and welcome!  I actually have the opposite and my anxiety was always worse at night except when I had to drive then it was always bad!  I also was depressed so my Dr put me on Effexor!  It did wonders for my depression but still needed to take Ativan for anxiety.  I take it in the morning before I drive to work and at night before I go to bed.  Both medications have helped me so much!  Anxiety can be overwhelming but like Matty said practice, therapy and self motivation can help enormously!    Hang in there and keep posting!!!!
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Thanks. I have to stop scaring myself. Have you heard of geno DNA test. They recommend lexapro for my panic attack and would have the least side effects. So afraid of medication. I tried xanax didn't help me a low dose and afraid to take to much. .25 mg didn't stop my panic attack and made me feel out of it/ drugged
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I also suffer from this horrible disorder. Feels like I'm ball and chail everyday. I'm always depressed and its really starting tk effect my relationships.. work.. and I'm scared to go back and finish college because its progressively become worse and worse. Dreams can trigger it.. anything can pretty much. I cant enjoy a normal social life with oit the fear of loosing control... its sad. I have just been prescribed fluxeotine and alprazolam. We will see how ir works I suppose. The palpitations and pretty nerve wrecking... everytime I eat I have mild attacks and that I honestly don't understand why its happening with that either.. i have tried to eat healthier too. Its ruining absolutely everhthing. I cant drink  or eat a lot with out having one and that is akso inckuding alcoholic beverages. I want to find a solution. I am so desperaye to break free and live a normal life. I'm 21 years old and everything is falling a part. I wish I didn't have to tske the medications but if they will help then all the hope for me is to continUe. I'm open for anyones advice and solutions. Please. Help.
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I also have pcos and hypothyroidsm.. could that also have something to do with it? Chemical or hormonal inbalances?
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Sorry for rhe typos and lack of proper punctuation.. I am very anxious.
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