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Anxiety induce by weed

Hi, so 1 year ago I had my first panic attack I'm 25 years old, I had it because I smoked every day weed for 1 year and a half til one day I had the panic attack. They treated me with benzodiazepines and sertraline, I did fine 3 months later but then I started to smoke again 6 months later the same happen but now I had this persistent paranoia and anxiety I couldn't take it anymore and went back to the psychiatrist, he diagnosed me with depression and anxiety induced, I felt terrible it's been 2 months since then and I was starting to feel a little better, but then, yesterday, I don't know what I was thinking, I smoked a little weed and that took me to a serious panic attack I though I was going mad, after 3 hours the panic stopped but left me with a weird sensation. So today I woke up took my pills and it was ok, a little guilty, but then a few hours later in starting to feel really anxious and I know when I'm feeling anxious because my limbs and neck hurts so much from all the tension, of course it's the last time I will smoke weed again in my life but my question is: do you think this is a step back in my recovery? Do you think that this sensation of anxiety will stay this way? Will the time aliavate the stress? I'm really worried about my healt and my brain :( I hope this pass soon so I can be again on my way to recovery. I'm on lorazepam 4 mg/day, Wellbutrin, Prozac and a little or risperidone, I'm not schizophrenic, but I do have sometimes bad trips of paranoia and desrealization which I'm having a little right know
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By the way, sorry for my English, it's not my native lenguage
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Im going threw the same thing you'll be alright just don't smoke anymore silly!! Just keep taking the meds an it will get better I'll pray for you. Keep your head up an over come it. The derealization is so scary an overwhelming... I hate it anxiety is terrible...
I know!, the desrealization seems so hard to understand but the less you think about it it's better, I think it's a thing that we would have to accept to live with it
Hi Andre, was wondering if your derealization might be like mine. I didn't know anyone might be like me. I perceive the outside world sometimes as dangerous, hateful and I don't belong outside my house. I take my car for safety when I go everywhere.  I don't walk in the open for more than a minute or two if I can help it. I also perceive the government as constantly thinking of ways to get rid of me (cut off my healthcare, my freedoms, my safe places to go). Oh and i'm gay so that kinda goes with the territory when you grow up in the central valley. You can't be gay there, and not be an outcast.
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I'm 18 year old male in findingbit hard to cope... your not alone...
Hope you doing a little better, I think I am, the depression blinds me very often but we need to keep going and going
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I'm sorry you've suffered what is very common -- many people have their first panic attacks while high on weed, but man, you're on a lot of medication!  Some of what you're on causes anxiety, such as wellbutrin.  Prozac is the least effective ssri for anxiety for most people, as it too is stimulating.  You're on a lot of an addictive drug, lorazapam.  What country are you in?  Why weren't you sent to therapy first to see if you could learn to alter your thinking -- you're basically suffering a sort of PTSD reaction following the terrifying feelings you got from that first panic attack and you expected it to happen again, which is the thinking you needed to change.  I hope you eventually can taper off slowly all this medication and find a good therapist who can help you recover yourself.  Good luck.
Thanks for responding, I also think that I have lots of medications and I'm a little worried about the lorazepam but my anxiety was very high, the doctor told me also to atend to a psychologist to help me think differently, I'm gonna make the appointment soon, I'm already 2 months in the treatment I guess I have to stick with it and see if I get any results cause my depression it's also kind of severe but make in progress. Thanks again. Hope you well :)
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I know the depression is getting to me to its so hard to over come this... I'm findingbit hard to cope
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I feel your pain. Pot can bring me a kind of 'euphoria' , followed by a feeling of body relaxation, and then confusion, followed by focus on the confusion/worry (if I let it). I suffer from a mental illness as well . I had a panick attack after eating an edible last year and it was awful. The local ER took me in and strapped me down. I couldn't speak and my body was rigid, eyes fixed on the wall. It can mess with my meds for mood stabilizers and anti-depressants and others. I won't say I completely avoid it, but I can say , avoiding it would be the best thing for me (I only speak for myself. each person must decide for themselves with the help of your medical professionals). I wish you happiness, peace and relief from these awful panick attacks . Meantime , for me, less is more. and I mean almost none. I have trouble stopping. It almost feels like in the evening my mind gets too occupied with the worry of bills, no job, getting older, and being pissed at having this illness that kinda alienates people (or I cut them out of my life). The pot calms me down from all of that. Mood stabilizers help me with ups and downs, but they don't take away the worry part for me.
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