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Anxiety induced twitching/numbness or not?

I am 24,have been suffering from anxiety for a long time,I've been anxiety attack free actually for pretty long and I've been able to cope with it more or less..now recently I had one  and it
doesn't wanna go away,reason is ..I took aclocfenac based painkiller for my sciatica,which gave me this muscle twitching in my right feet first,which then turned into a constant feeling similar to numbness,then I had it in my left feet,which caused me to panic and get an anxiety attack ,then the twitching spread through my entire body,this whole twitching numbness feeling in my legs starts when I lay down and try to sleep,as I ignore the twitching other parts continiue twitching till I get really anxious and give up sleeping,I haven't slept for 30 hours I don't know what to do its miserable,this whole thing started after taking the meds,I've never had this before,but I just don't know whether my anxiety induced it or not.thinking about going to sleep is a horror :( btw shaking my feet eliminates the twitching instantly.
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Did you research the medication to see if that's a possible side effect, or report this to your doc who gave you the med?  It might be something they deal with regularly, or it might be a drug that interferes with electrolytes, especially magnesium.  I'd find that out first.
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Yeah ít might be the case,I'll check it out
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From personal experience I can tell you that anxiety can make anywhere on your body feel numb, tingly, painful, cold, fuzzy, wet, etc. You should ask your doctor about possible side effects of the medication, but a panic attack could cause some of these symptoms as well.
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Thank you for replying.Can it be that the medication caused me anxiety?after taking the pills I felt twitchy but I was like it'll be gone,then I had a nightmare which left me with that bad mood after waking up and I was overly obsessed with the twitchy numb feeling I couldn't think about anything else..it's a lot better now however new symptoms occurred..I feel this sharp pain in my left forearm and hands mostly,sometimes  the very left side of my chest,then sometimes I feel my neck/throat stomach..sometimes my right arm aches too but rarely.it's also not constant I get it occasionally for a few secs..I've researched my symptoms on the internet and just got obsessed with it whatever I do..I've started taking magnesium,starting with slow doses,I really hope it's just anxiety:/ I also have a mild headache paired with the other sympthoms sometimes.I know my anxiety is really bad but can it really cause all this?
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