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Anxiety issues

I have suffered wih anxiety for almost 5 years now
I have been through so many meds and none of them help my condition is worse now

The main problem with my anxiey is the physical side of it , i get rushes of adrenaline through my chest constantly with the motion of my breathing (i think i am he only person that gets this )

And its hard to deal and cope with life when all you can do is worry about everything and when i have the adrenaline feeling it makes me panic my breathing goes fast , its almost like when i  breath in it tickles in a uowards motion and the same when breathing out like i said adrenaline ? , almost like i am always ready to go on the worlds scariest theme park ride

All i do is sit in doors , i used to have friends but anxiety has pushed every one a way

The only way i can communicate with my family is through messages because when i speak to people in person , i always get hot sweaty (well i feel like i am a kettle boiling up)

And when say a doctor is speaking to me and i am trying to listen but its like my brain goez all smushy and i am listening but its almost like i snap back into reality but i think its due to the dealing with he anxiety issues as before this i was in a waiting room with to many people so i had a mild panic attack , as soon as i got back home i felt okay i calmed down ,

I can not look people in the eye as i constantly feel weird like always embarrased over e ery situation when there is no need to be embarrassed

Its very hard for me to go out during the day and i can not speak to people so its hard for me to get help

I am 23 male

Atm i am on promazine hydrochloride 25mg/5ml

Because i spoke to my doctor as i was last on propranolol 40mg 3 tBs a day and i felt like i was ha ing more issues , i always feel like i am dying so using something that slows my heart down just never went well with my mind so i took my self of them the correct way and the doctor was fine with that

He tells me to keep doing what i am doing battling anxiety

I have never posted on a forum before to find other like me

I ha e so much more say but i will just leave it at this  for now

My name is wez , look forward to seeing replies hopefully this forum is active
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First of all, you probably don't actually have any additional adrenaline coursing through your body on a regular basis.  It might spike during an anxiety attack, and anxiety can be hard on the adrenals, and there are things you can do to help with that such as adaptogenic herbs, but that isn't the same thing as adrenaline coursing through your body.  And you say you're seeing a doctor -- have you seen a therapist so you can learn some relaxation techniques, and have you seen a psychiatrist instead of a regular doc who has more expertise in treating this?  
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Hey Wez. It's incredible what can happen to your body when you're struggling with anxiety. Anxiety loves to create symptoms that trigger our biggest fears. When I get anxious, I get heart palpitations. Unfortunately for me one of my biggest fears is something being wrong with my health, especially my heart. Starting with your breathing, I am assuming that the doctor has checked you out and stated that you were alright. Now you need to address the issues. Being a therapist myself, it's important to go talk to someone knowledgeable with helping people handle these situations. It's scary at first, but if you find someone really good you'll feel more comfortable about going. I like to think of anxiety as a separate entity from myself. If I am scared in a situation, I know I am doing what my anxiety does not want me to do.
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Sorry *
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S8rry about grammar
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