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Anxiety issues

I have very horrible anxiety. I take heavy medication but it doesnt work, the bad thoughts keep coming. Ive tried breathing, exercise, but nothing has helped. Is there anything I can do?
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If your meds aren't working, you need to try different meds.  Don't know how many you've tried.  Results of different meds can be quite different -- some are like drinking water for a particular person while another helps.  Don't quit abruptly, you have to taper off as slowly as you need to.  Again don't know what meds you've tried, but if you take an antidepressant and it works some but not enough, you can combine meds if you're willing to do that and get better results (this won't work if the antidepressant doesn't work).  But the truth is, no medication existing today will cure you, and even one that works can wear off over the long-term.  What kinds of therapy have you tried?
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I first want to say that I'm really sorry you are going through this.  I know anxiety feels really crummy and makes life hard.  I do agree that if the meds you currently take are 'not working', it is time to revisit this with your doctor.  Some info would be helpful such as how long you have been taking them and exactly what you are taking. Sometimes dosing is wrong, sometimes something can be added to help, sometimes a new drug all together will be beneficial.  And remember, that medication is going to help but it doesn't meant that you never have any anxiety. We all are going to have things and situations that make us nervous. The medication just helps us cope and makes it more manageable.  But you WILL still have 'some' anxiety no matter the medication because that is being human.  

With that said though, if this is too much for you to cope or manage, please do talk to your doctor.  

Another good question by paxiled is what other types of therapy do you do?  Talk therapy is very helpful and really an essential part of dealing with chronic mental health areas that plague us.  There are good and bad therapists and sometimes that too is trial and error to find one that fits.  Just talking about it (like here) can help as well.  I think life style things can help too.  We're here to help you sweetie.
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