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I've been having manic episodes lately, due to added drama is stress in my life & they are causing severe panic attacks. My dr put me on 0.5mg of klonopin. He told me to only take it when I really feel irritable or when I go to sleep. I be read a lot about this medication & I have myself scared to death to even try it!! Will it make me feel zoned out, tired, high like? Should it be taken only at night? I have been a buspar 10mg for about 6 months which has helped tremendously, but seems to make me jittery lately and more irratable, that's why the dr gave me somehow different. Could someone please give me some insight on this medication? I know it's addictive & that scares the heck out of me! Thanks!!!
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No worries! :-)  I am very familiar with klonopin, after being on it five years.  My dosage now is much higher than yours, due to worsening medical conditions.  I am fine now.  Back to your question, Klonopin is a benzodiazepine, normally taken twice a day (always do as your doctor says).  It has a 12-hour life-span in the system.  It is a sedative.  You are on a 'baby dose' right now.  You do not have to worry about addiction as long as you take klonopin religiously, just as the doctor says, ALWAYS.  Never change dosages in any way without your doctor's consent.  Doing so can cause unpleasant reactions.  God Bless, and I hope you feel better now - Blu
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Thank you for your input. I still haven't taken any, but I haven't been quite as agitated as before. So I'm hoping I can maybe get myself through without medication. Thanks again!
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Klonopin doesn't really work as well on an as needed basis as other benzos, because it takes longer to act (and acts longer as well).  Benzos aren't sleep medicine, they're anti-anxiety medicine.  Given what you say, I'm wondering, is this a general practitioner or a psychiatrist?  Because this isn't how klonopin is usually used.  Using benzos as needed is better than taking them regularly, because taken regularly they are addictive and hard to stop taking.  But usually other benzos that act more quickly would be used as needed.  Confusing.  By the way, benzos don't make you high, they can make you tired for a time, they interfere with REM sleep so there are better ways to learn to sleep, and are addictive only if taken regularly, which is why that's a better way to go if it works for you.  Once you get in the habit of taking them on a regular basis, then yes, they are addictive and hard to stop taking.  As with any medication, there are potential downsides, which is why it's always best to try non-medication ways to deal with the problem if that's possible, saving medication if it's not.  Good luck.
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Thank you. It was prescribed by my family dr. It is only to be used short term. I still have not taken them. I guess knowing they are there if they're needed, gives be a bit of relief... Thanks everyone for your insight!
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