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Anxiety? opinions please!

Hey everybody, I'm seventeen, physically active, 6'2" and slim. i went to the doctors about a week or two after school started in september to see about a skipped heartbeat i had, an i had a blood pressure test and echocardiogram. the blood pressure test showed my blood pressure was 140/90. since it was mainly the systolic that was elevated, he said it's probably white coat syndrome and i was just nervous, since i had a physical in august and it was fine then. I went back for another blood pressure test and again it was elevated, but i was nervous again, and he said have it done in a cvs so i'm not as stressed. i was stressed ever since my first appointment. the extra beat is gone, but i had new symptoms in the course of a month that never happened more than one symptom at once and never when i was at soccer and usually not in school(when my mind was somewhere else). these symptoms included:pounding heartbeat, heartbeat in my ears, trouble getting to sleep at night, fatigue during the day, headache in the temple area/right above the nose, muscle ache, irritability, inability to enjoy social events because of the anxiousness/symptom, cold sweat in hands an/or feet, malaise or muscle weakness(only happened 2 or 3 times), and a sunburn feeling on my chest. these would rotate and usually didn't happen regularly. i have improved over the past few weeks and the only symptoms i still have (besides the occasional pounding heartbeat) are ringing in my ears, and pulse in my ears, as well as a whooshing sound. these always occur separately and the whooshing happens when i stretch out and yawn when i just get up out of bed and the ringing happens in general(when it's quiet, usually at night), while the pounding i hear when i run. i also had a bad cold a few weeks ago and sometimes when i swallow water my ears will crackle and sometimes when i sniffle my ears will feel blocked. could this be something like tinnitus or could it be fluid that's amplifying these sounds? any tips would be greatly appreciated
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How was your BP when you checked it at the drug store?  Normally when a doctor feels it is due to "white coat" syndrome they will re-take it and it's usualy lower.  You need to determine if your BP is okay first and foremost.  Then you should talk to your doctor about anxiety and/or depression, which may be causing your symptoms.  I think the headache, and ear problems may be leftover from your cold, but I would check with your doctor.  All of us have crackling and popping in our ears on occassion, especially during and right after a cold.  You may want your doctor to check your ears, this may be what is causing the ringing in one your age.  Sometimes just too much ear wax will cause ringing.  Don't go to bed until you are truly tired and then either read or watch TV to fall asleep.  If you are having anxiety or depression just lying in the dark allows us too much time to think which is bad for us.  Some therapists will recommend that you "travel" while trying to fall asleep.  Pick a place you've either been or want to go and imagine yourself there.  Imagine the sounds, the views and just keep going...you will fall asleep.  Know you're not alone, we hear from a lot of teens.  Talk to your parents about all of this, they would want to know.  Therapy helps a lot with someone your age and allows you to nip this in the bud before it gets out of control. You'll be fine and take care!
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These all sound like very common symptoms of anxiety or nervousness, and all of which I'm very familiar with myself.
I wouldn't be so concerned about the plugged ears as you are right, they are due to the cold you recently had and this feeling should subside within a few days.
If you want to look into natural methods of dealing with anxiety, try herbal remedies like Bach, St John's Wort, Kava Kava or Lavender root. These are some of the best natural supplements that help balance your mood, boost optimism, clarity and relaxation. Many nerve-supporting supplements combine several herbs into one, so do some browsing to decide which is best for you.
In the meantime, work on choosing your thoughts carefully! Only entertain the thoughts that serve you; that make you feel good. Write down your concerns or your to-do list before you go to sleep each night to get it off your mind, and remember that the night is YOUR time to rest. You deserve the proper sleep you need. All your responsibilities can wait until the morning.

Take it easy. :-)

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BeeFree has great suggestions...they work!  Also check your diet for MSG (has 13 other names)(check web) and causes neurological damages....check the dangers of microwaving foods!
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I'm 19 and i get blood pressure readings of 160/50 when my heart is pounding from anxiety, and once i calm down i get readings like 122/75 and 119/60
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