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Anxiety or Delusion?

Hi all, I am a 30 year old male with anxiety symptoms from my younger days. Recently i met my love of life and i am going to marry her soon. However when i started talking to her, my mind started remembering my ex with whom i broke 3 years back. I never thought of my ex before for 3 yeras but when i met my new girl friend, my mind started ruminating thoughts. I dont have any feelings for my ex, but i love my current GF very much. I went to my GP and she gave me Zolsoft for anxiety + xanax when severe, she said zolsoft would take time for giving the effect.

However from last 2 days my mind started saying that what if i would imagine and see my ex everywhere even when i am seeing my GF, or any other girls outside when i go out or even while having sex with my GF? And when i think like this my mind shows up the image of my ex everywhere. I am loosing my mind and getting very scared and anxious when this thought comes to my mind which does every now and then. i feel the shivers and trembling, i started CBT yesterday with a private psychiatrist in stockholm. I get many scary thoughts daily which take control of me and currently this thought is driving me crazy, Also i noticed that when i get a new worry i give low preference to the old worries

i dont understand if i am suffering from severe anxiety with ruminating thoughts or any other illness? I went to the doc and they did some blood and urine tests, i am awaiting results soon. Any one could please suggest, if i would ever recover?  I am getting married soon and i want to lead a happy life. Any suggestion would be highly appreciated
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im on zoloft atm ... my dr said i have a stress problem cause of the pain  that appears in my scalp  eye then ear...   it all started with stomach pains after intence workout  went into my  thigh and pelvus now moved up into my head after i dislocated my  shoulder ... that morning aftr that night  it started waking up with dizzyness
tbh with u  this is day 2 of zoloft  im on 50 mg and the pains kinda dulled down
i gotto get x rays on my head etc...
the dr also said i gtg to a therapist to deal with my stress
also my blood cels r enlarged :/ .........
the dr is still looking into it .......... good news is that anxiety has to be tamed and it always works
i can give u some exercises after i go to my  therapists for u to help out with ?
also... check ur liver i gotto get mine checked
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Thanks jonathonwoodsfansite, yea that would help me with the exercises. However i am still confused what disorder am suffering from? I havent taken xanax yet but when the thought of imagining my ex comes i get really freaked out and scared. Does the medication really help and remove bad thoughts any idea what i am suffering from?
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Man I hope things work out for the best. Maybe your anxiety could come from the thought of past experiences. You love your current GF very much and you don't want things that caused your last relationship to end to interfere with this one. I think your just being extremely cautious about every moment of this relationship based on things that happened in your past which is probably why you continue to think about your ex in every situation. Pray about your situation and your current relationship. Prayer has been my best help with my anxiety! I haven't taken any medication or therapists, ect. Just church and prayer. Best of luck to you.
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Thanks Titomoney13, do you think meditation with prayer works well or should i try reading some books about anxiety?
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Any more suggestions guys?
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I think both ca help.
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