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Anxiety or Heart Problem?

so for two years now ive been dealing with a bad form of anxiety disorder and its awful but for the past couple months after i stopped seeing a phsycologist its been and taking my medication its been really bad. I wake up everyday nauseated and with different pain all over my body. I have convinced myself that i have either heart problems or a tumor or kidney failure or cancer and a bunch of other stuff. My symptoms throughout these years have been; feeling like someone is holding onto my throat 24/7, weird stabbing pain under my left breast my ribs and all over my back, im light headed alot, find myself gasping for air, i feel pressure in my head and chest, my left arm goes numb, nails turn bluish black, pressure also in my face, feel like im dying, weird pain in the side of my hips/up where the kidneys r located and a bunch of other stuff....im freaking out i sit here everynight trying to find what is wrong with me, im 16 and ive driven my parents crazy because i always feel sick and i wanna b taking to the doctors, can anyone please tell me if they think this is alll anxiety or there really is something wrong?
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Hi Miraela before I comment can you answer if you are or are no longer taking your medications?
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hi, i am not taking them i havent been for about half a year i was fine at first but now its all back
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I am sorry that you are going through such a hard time right now.  If your dr has already ruled out anything medical then I would say that yes it very well can be anxiety.  Especially if you were already seeing a therapist and on medication for anxiety.

Why did you stop seeing your therapist and taking your medication?  Maybe you should talk to your parents about seeing a therapist again.  Working with a therapist can be really crucial when trying to overcome anxiety.  Yes, you can overcome anxiety but it takes alot of hard work and you should really work with your therapist to figure out the best treatment plan for you.  Getting to the bottom of what is causing your anxiety and dealing with it is the best way to get over it.

You can try keeping a journal.  Sometimes just writing down some of the feelings that you have going on inside you helps.  Also make sure you are eating right, getting enough sleep and exercise.  

As hard as it is try and focus on all the positive things in your life.  You are so young and you have a long life ahead of you.  You don't want to waste it on anxiety!!!  Whatever you do please do not research your "symptoms" on the internet because you will only end up causing yourself more anxiety!!!

I hope you start feeling better soon.  Good Luck....
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As jul04 said if you have been medically cleared than the obvious focus would be on anxiety causing your symptoms. Yes we have cycles with panic where it can disappear for months or even years and then come right back. The reason I asked if you were medication free was to determine if this was in fact an anxiety symptom. Often when we are on medication allot of the "symptoms" we feel take a back seat to life, even if you still experience anxiety the OCD thinking slows down, but when your off medication an intense focus on health and physical feelings can be pronounced. This is usually when anxiety has crept back in, and for me it always starts with health anxiety or needless worrying about the body typically heart and brain.

I would say make a visit to the DR. again, you are at an age when hormones, stress, and life are at their peak, so someone to talk your symptoms through will be needed and a relief.

Also this sounds exactly like anxiety. If you read what you wrote you see it popping out "I have been dealing with a bad form of anxiety", " have convinced myself that i have either heart problems or a tumor or kidney failure or cancer and a bunch of other stuff", which is so typical of an anxiety sufferer, and speaks miles about anxiety induced and created symptoms.

I do feel bad that you have to work through this at such a young age, I was there and know how tough it can be. But know this, if you have had a full medical checkup, you are most likely physically in tip top shape, you just need to work on the anxiety and obsessive thinking.

I wish there was a quick fix, we all do, but first step is to relieve some of your mental pressure and go back to the DR. If your parents do not understand anxiety and panic disorder ask that they read this site or be involved with your therapy process. Panic at your age can be inherited, a chemical imbalance, or caused by an overload of stressful life events, in any case they need to understand your mental thought process and why it happens.

By the way, you are normal, this just happens to people like us!

Good Luck

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thank you so much this really helps.And at times i am postitivie it is anxiety, but can anxiety really cause ALL of those symptoms and the pain around the area of my heart and make me feel that much pressure in my head, face, chest, etc.
It just scares me because i have almost lost my mom to breast cancer and sometimes ill feel like i might have it too and whenever something starts hurting i jump to conclusions that its like kidney failure or collapsed lung or heart disease and stuff like that.
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Yes, anxiety can cause  you to have all those symptoms.....

Having to deal with the fear of losing your mother may be adding to your anxiety.   You are so young and having to deal with something like that is tough on anyone but I think that is a lot for you to have to handle.

You really need to talk to a psychatrist so you can begin to deal with these issues and start getting better.  

Please keep us posted on your progress....
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hi im aiden im 18 and i had a panic attack like 6-7 months ago and i have been feeling like im in a dream since , its like my body does the usual every day things but my minds just always blank and i am totaly oblivious of anything i do , and i panic randomly about me having a heart attack and i do have heart palpatations and now sometimes have wierd and random twitches , a hot face , scared of dieing , i thought i would wake up from this nightmare but i just cant , i just want to wake up and be as normal as i was 7 months ago , i cant work , i cant live , i cant take it any more no docter has helped so far its so annoying!
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Aiden i am the exact same way ive seen so many doctors had so many tests done, ive seen a phsycologist and phsyciatrist and nothing seems to help
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Don't give up Mirela... I'm in the same situation than you!!! Nothing seem to help me... even reassurance from the many Docs I saw.... Therapy don' seem to work, I had 3 Therapist only in 2010... and 1 group therapy as well... no help so far... CBT don't seem to work for me as well as progressive exposure therapy... I just got a new Therapist, I see her next week... she use others Technics than the regular CBT... so I hope she will help me...

The PDoc don't know what to do since i'm meds sensitive, he just continue to RX high dose of Benzo meds and they don't work on me anymore... my Family Doc just RX blood work tests and the results are always perfect... he don't know what to do either...

I suffer from severe anxiety (panic, OCD, social phobia, agoraphobia) and have weird symptoms 24h/day, 7/days a week... mainly physical anxiety symptoms who are related to my heart and my head (chronic headache), to the point that now I live in a constant fear of having a heart attack, I have chest pain all the time, neck and extreme jaw pain, back pain, very fast pulse rate OR very slow pulse rate, decrease of my blood pressure when i'm anxious insistead of increase blood pressure like in the past ( who worry me a lot because I feat that I will have a heart failure cause of some blood clots or something like that who reduce the blood flow), I feel a lot dizzy, I faint sometimes when I do a panic attack, can't go out of my house, only do it for my Therapist or Doc appointments and I feel a lot frustrated because I was used to be always out of my house before and was not able to stay at home and do nothing.... I lost all my friends because of the agoraphobia...

I see a Therapist, i'm following by a PDoc that I see very month, I also see my Family Doc every 3 months, have a Cardiologist, I saw a Neurologist also for the chronic headache... In the last year (2010) I think I had all the heart tests done and all the results returns negatives, my heart is fine, I had at least 6 blood work and everything is ok, just low cortisol level in the morning... but I don't seem to have the addison disease symptoms since I don't gain weight, in fact I loose more than 30 pounds in 1 year and without doing exercises... I eat more than ever... I also have lungs x-ray, MRI for my brain... all the tests are ok... I only have a Mitral valve prolaspe in my heart, but learn it 1 1/2 weeks ago but I need to have more tests done for the heart to see if it's really sure that I have that problem or not... have to call the Cardiologist next week when he will be back from the Holidays...

Life is not easy for sure... In the Holidays, we receive all my familly ( I live with my parents) and I feel a lot miserable... Like today, we have a bruch with all my family... I wasn't able to sleep last night, this morning my heart race as hell, I feel like I will faint, have no energy, my chest pain is incredible high, my headache is very strong... I feel like I will die... I just took my blood pressure and it's low... 105/60 with a pulse rate of 126... Anxiety increase the blood pressure normally, so I always worry about my ******* heart (sorry...)....

I Can't stay alone at home because I fear of having a heart attack, but at the same time, too much people in the house make me feel so anxious. Just trying to have a normal conversation with someone make me tired... that's so stupid... anyways...

I have to be back on the Paxil in January, since i'm meds sensitive, I can't tolerate them, especially in that high anxiety state... will have to increase very slowly the dose from 1 mg day to 20 mg day... so around 20 weeks... it will be a long road...

Anyway, don't give up!!! I'm with you !!! I wish you a happy new year, take care of you and I just let you know that you are not alone... ;-)
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I just wanted to add that i'm sorry for your mom, I hope she's better now!!!

You know, sometimes, pain from a surgery, the loose of someone important in our life, high emotionnal stress, often start again the panic disorder and anxiety symptoms...

It's one pattern that I see in my case. Each time I had a painful surgery (gastric by-pass, hernia, hemorroids), the panic disorder appear again in my life...

When the panic disorder appear again in my life in 2009, it was because I subscribed to a gym and I was sensible to a small increase of my blood pressure or the pulse rate. I finally give up for the gym and the panic stop... but I had a painful surgery in November 2009 for the hemorroids and the pain trigger severe panic attacks in the 3 weeks after the surgery, each time I had to go to the bathrom I had a panic because of the pain... and I start having worse anxiety and more and more panic attacks... the chronic headache start 1 month after the surgery, I start experiencing high blood pressure, facial flush, numbness of the scalp of my head, at fisrt in december 2009 and January 2010, at home the symptoms was not very high, I had the symptoms out of my house, while I had to drive my car and in public situations...

In January 2010, I start also to have bad teeths pain, I saw my Dentist who do X-ray and he saw nothing wrong with my teeths, so it was purely linked to my anxiety level, the pain was always worse outside my house, especially while I had to drive... In february and march I start having a very low pulse rate above 50 BPM... even while I had a panic I had that low pulse rate... that's when I saw the first Cardiologist and had tests done for my heart...

Also in March, I start having weird body sensations like numbness of my left arm and the left hand while I had to drive or when I was in a public place... but the panic attacks was under control, they stop for 2 months or so.... I was able to drive and go out of the house without having a panic attack BUT I wasn't feeling great out of my house and while I had to drive, it was like I was all the time out of my body... really weird...

Finally, I had those symptoms until last July... my parents had a trip to the "France" for 1 month, and I was scared because I will have to be alone at home for 1 month and it's when I start feeling bad all the time and the symptoms became chronic... I start experiencing panic while I was in my shower who lead to balck out, I faint while I had to drive, I faint alone at home as well while I had panic attacks... I had to give up on driving my car, it was too much for me and that's when the agoraphobia start also...

When my parents return home in August, my symptoms change. the low pulse rate stop and I had fast pulse rate all the time, now the low pulse rate return... I start having panic attack in the car even if I was not the driver, it's worse than ever, just thinking about being sit in a car trigger a panic on me now.... the numbness of the scalp of my head stop but I start having weird headache with pulsating veins on the temple of my head, the teeths pain stop but the jaw pain start, the numbness of the hand or the left arm stop but the chest pain start...now the chest pain is very strong all the time... at rest or while I do something physical... in fact everything who increase my pulse rate will lead to a panic attack so I don't exercise... Some peoples find that exercise help to calm them but for me it's trigger panic...

So like you can see, anxiety can increase or be trigger by emotionnal stress, pain, fear and apprehensions... and the symptoms can come and go, they tend to stop and a newer symptom appear...

Sometimes we think that we reach the highest peak of anxiety but the month after we feel worse than ever... that's hard... but a lot of peoples live the same situation and they survive and they heal !!!

That's why I don't give up... even if I know it's all linked to my anxiety, it's like my brain don't want to believe it... I feel sick and like I will die everyday of my life now... it's always worse in the evening... sometimes I can't move from the couch cause I feel so tired physically and my heart hurt so much, I just don't want to have a heart failure...  even if I am a logical person and I know that it's my anxiety... but what I can do? I don't control my brain and all the neurons inside it!!!
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Happy New Year!!!! Im so sorry. i know exactly what you mean its the same way i am. I cant go out of the house anymore and i used to always go out with friends, now i cant because legitamently EVERYTHING triggers my panic attacks but what is starting to scare me is my left breast is hurting alot and i cant convince myself its JUST anxiety and sometimes i feel this tightness in my face like its going numb or something, and soooo many other crazy symptoms i feel like im going to die like any minute. Last night we went to this european party with a bunch of friends since im from europe and for the first time it was awful to me the more people that came the worse it got i started feeling all tense and i couldnt breathe i couldnt stop moving i felt like i was going crazy and nobody could help me. Then i started feeling like my hands and arms were swelling up and they got all itchy and i felt like ants were crawling all over me it was the weirdest thing. I have flashing pain alllll over my body almost all the time in different places. Idk if its just anxiety or if i really do have all these diseases im really scared and i dont even believe when doctors tell me im fine because im sitting there like dying and they're like oh its all in your head. Idk what to do anymore and my heart i can feel it beating in my shoulders and stomach and head.
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Hi Mirela!
             You are from the Europe... so you speak french? I'm from the Canada, Quebec city, so I speak french... my english is really bad!!! lol Anyway... will answer in english for now...

At least you get out at the party for the NYE!!! That's a great thing... even if you had a lot of anxiety... I can understand you, I have social phobia also and the more peoples I have all around me and the worse I feel... with the panic disorder and the agoraphobia it's very hard to get out in a public place, even with friends...

I feel like you, with the exception that almost 90% of my anxiety is linked to my heart (chest pain, blood pressure, pulse rate).... I can't convince myself that it's only anxiety... Even if my Cardiologist say my heart is fine, my PDoc say it's an OCD problem call cardiophobia and my Family Doc think it's cardiophobia also... What bother me a lot it's that I have new symptoms every week... and the older symptoms tend to stop because I focus more on the new symptoms and after 2-3 weeks the old symptoms return but stronger than before... it's driving me crazy!!!

And you describe it very well, I feel like i'm going to die like any minute!!!! Right now I answer to you and my jaw hurt so much, my hear a strong buzzing sound in my 2 ears (tinnitus), the pain is incredible high in my neck and my back also, the pain in my chest is very sharp all the time but it's worse today, I sweat from my hands and feet, I feel like my face is completly numb, my eyes hurt and burn, I have facial flush like i'm in a hot sauna... I feel like i'm going to have a heart attack in 1 minute...the left armpit pain is also very annoying... I feel like I have a arterial blockage or something like that.... and since 1-2 weeks I start having a drop in my blood pressure and i'm now dealing with hypotension, who make me more dizzy, more spacy, and more anxious... low blood pressure trigger mor panic for me cause I have more chest pain when my blood pressure is low... strange no?...  it's a never ending circle... just have to find the exit...

You know what? I had a Therapist last winter and at the time I was able to drive and get out of the house but I had panic attacks all the time out of the house and she always told to me to never stop going out of my house or drive, even if I had panic attacks and a lot of weird symptoms because I will became homebound and that will make my anxiety worse... and she told me this 10000 times and it's like that message got recorded into my brains and the day I stop driving my car and when I stop going out of the house, that message surface again in my head and the anxiety get worse... so I don't know if it's because I heard so often that message, but now that i'm homebound, I find it harder to get out of the house, each time I have a Therapist appointment, it's like i'm going to the war... being in a car trigger panic who are so powerful that I can faint!!!!

One thing is sure, since i'm homebound, I have more panic, more symptoms and everything trigger panic attacks and those panic attacks (usually 5-10 each day) happen in the shower, in my bed, while I watch the TV, in front of my laptop...they are everywhere in my life now. I can't have a break or have 2 minutes while I feel normal again and good...

That's so annoying now cause I don't have a security zone... I stop going out and drive cause I had too many panic attacks and weords symptoms out of my house... but now those weird symptoms happen at home all the time...

Normally, peoples with agoraphobia will be able to stay at home and be free of anxiety symptoms, they will have anxiety symptoms only when they go out of their house... who was my case before... but now I don't have a safety zone... I feel trap and of course I feel more anxious cause I wonder if one day I will be abe to be normal again... anyways...

I also feel my heart beat all the time in my chest, since I have chronic headache and more recently pulsating veins on the left side of my head, I feel it all the time on my head also... and I have tinnitus so I can head it in my ears!!! That's making me a lot more worried about my heart and my symptoms and worse my anxiety ....

Well, feel free to send a message to me if you want to talk more about it...

I wonder if you are on meds ??? Maybe you mention it....with my poor memore I don't remember!

Take care!!!

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