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Anxiety or Not??

Hi, I am very new to this type of thing so forgive me if i ramble on a little! This past year I have had a lot of stress and upheaval happen in my life, everything just seemed to happen within the same space of time and I believe this is the cause for the way I am feeling at the moment. I had what I believe to be my first panic attack a couple of months ago, it really scared me and since then I feel like I have turned into a completely different person, I used to be so care-free and fun loving but now I worry about every little thing, is it possible for your brain chemistry to completely alter?! I went to the doctors and he diagnosed me with depression, however I declined on the offer of pills as I want to see if I can get through this on my own first! Can anxiety develop from depression??
Sometimes I seem to get better, I can go a few days without thinking about things, these days are usually when I am active and busy, then other times all I can thin about are worrisome thoughts mainly about my health... every little niggle I have I am hyper aware of and the next minute I am googling it which makes my worry worse and I am starting to feel like im going mad!
What I think I am trying to as is has anyone else had this problem, is this anxiety? and what have you done to help get over it?? I am so sick of living like this!!
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Hi,i know how horrible anxiety can be.For my case i believed my 1st panic attack were as a result of prolonged stress i have put on myself over the years,financial,career and all those worries that built up till up a certain time,i had it,my mind & body cant take it longer and there it goes,Panic attack/anxiety.I dun think u have changed at all,its just once u suffered from this 1st panic attack,ur whole mind body became sensitized,every little thing magnified a big problem.Try not to goggle too much about those symptoms,u have goggled a simple headache u will be shock to see all those scary illness that are related to it.The best thing you can do is go to a doctor and tell them ur problems and have them rule them out all possible physical illness that could be causing it but i doubt theres any on you,its more likely anxiety,once u have given a clean health of bill my medical doctor,accept them and work out on the anxiety thing.
I know how sick this can be living daily with anxiety,i cant remember how many trips i have made to the Accident & Emergency department of the Hospital because of those anxiety symptoms.
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Hey Abby,

I just joined this community too, and I believe it is a very important support system. Gaining insight and friends i think is the cure. We need a good, nice and competent support system, and I believe you will find it here. First, I am glad to be friends, and am willing to talk whenever. I think it is amazing that after 7 years of my own episodes, which I get completely better from, that I come accross this community where I can completely relate to so many people. It is almost as if without this sight we are left in the dark with how fear and concerning works. You are completely right to associate your assumption that your symptoms are a result of " a lot of bad things happening at once". This is because symptoms tell us that something is going wrong.
When I was exactly your age, and had my first onset of anxiety (concerning about specific things) I was convinced I had an organic, physical disease, and spent all my time and energy on the internet trying to diagnose it. You will find that many others, and here on this sight, do the same thing. Beacuse, when you are having a physical symptom you think it is because of something physical, you don't imagine that it is your own concerning that causes such REAL symptoms.
But when my concerns left me ( at the time it was sexual dysfunction, which turned into a fear I had cancer and was dying, or MS, or a tumer, you name it, anything nuerological) but as soon as I ejaculated I got better-- After 3 months of thinking I was dying and having such dibilitating sympoms!
Then, three years later I had another attack, after getting completely better. And yes, depression can cause anxiety, or easily coexist. but the point is, which you can't deny, is that you are concerning, and even though it is hard to believe, your sympoms are a result of your concerning. As you say, you concern more after searching the internet, and less when you are busy! This is exactly how it works, it is a vicious sycle of fear! But from what you are saying, having been through it all and actually right now facing another episode.. long story!!, I know that you can get better!!
Well I think I said more than I can go back over and edit, But am glad to talk more. I think you made the right move to try the natural way, and if you want the natural remedies that my doctor perscribed me for my "depression", it is: St Johns Wort ( It really does give me a bit of a spiritual uplift). and for vitamins: D-3 for the winter season ( dont know if this applies to you? ), folic acid, and I am also taking a multi vitamin. It cant hurt. But I do put ultimate attention on the very things that are bothering you!! These suplements are just to help with your mood and physiological health.
You are still care free and fun loving, you are just having a difficult time.  
What are you concering about? other than your symptoms!
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Hi there, thanks for your comment!
I did start taking St Johns Wort, however it gave me really bad headaches for the 3 days I took it, I don't know if the headaches and the pills were related but I stopped taking them and they went away! I read that omega 3 fish oil helps to stabilize moods so I have been taking them!
The things that are bothering me shouldnt really be bothering me anymore, I was forced to leave university and move home back in with my parents due to financial reasons which was stressful in itself without been thrown into the deep end of having to find a job fast! I guess I just wasnt prepared for the real world so suddenly like that! Saying that, I feel a bit more settled now, I have a job, I have come to terms with the fact I am back home but I still have this anxiety issue!! How long does it take you to get over your episodes?? Also, do you ever get that feeling that if you dont worry about things, you will either miss something or something will go wrong because you arent focused on worrying about it??
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