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Anxiety or another problem?

Hi everyone
I am currently sitting my final exams at college and I have been really struggling with my exams and studying and it has really stressed me out, even though sometimes I don't feel stressed I know it is always there in the back of my mind. I recently got study leave from college and so I've had a lot of free time which has only increased my stress as I've had a lot of time to think about my worries.
I've been in a relationship with my boyfriend for around 8 months and even though I'm only 18 for the past 8 months I would say I have loved him, ive always been so excited to see him and have always had so much fun with him. Before I was in a relationship with him I was obsessed with him and really wanted to get to know him etc etc. Hes amazing and funny and has done absolutely nothing wrong.
Yet the weekend I left college I was with him and had this sudden thought of do I love him? And it really upset me as there has been no reason for me to doubt it nothing has changed. After this thought I began to obsess over it and pick at more and more things, trying to find reasons that the thought may have come into my head and making my worries even stronger. I told my boyfriend and he has been very supportive and understanding even though it must be hard for him. Everyone I have spoke to has reassured me that it's my anxiety that I have developed around my exams projecting on other parts of my life and the obsessive thinking is just a result of the stress I've been feeling, yet I still can't relax and whenever I have free time I find myself thinking what if this doesn't go away when my stress does? What if I don't love him? I really really want to just go back to normal, back to that time when I got that thought to get rid of it because I have loved him so much and I don't understand how you can just stop in a split second? And if I really didn't care would I be so upset and distressed? Is it possible that anxiety and stress can make you feel this way about your relationships and is it likely that if it's down to the anxiety I will forget about it when my exams are finished?

Ps. I am known to have obsessive thoughts such as if I'm getting ill I cannot stop thinking about it until i get distracted or until the symptoms stop, is what's happening just another example of this?
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I suppose it's possible that the stress you're feeling about school could spill over into your relationship.

I'm afraid I don't understand what getting "study leave" means, but I'm guessing it means you take some time away to get your studying under control........to get back on track......not sit around thinking about your relationship.

Perhaps you should post this in the Relationship Forum. I can understand the stress and anxiety from school work, but you've given us no indication that you have actual symptoms of anxiety, panic or depression.
If you DO begin having these specific symptoms, please post to us again and we'll be glad to help you with those. Angst about relationships really isn't our forte on this particular forum.

I hope the time away from school will help you relax and allow you to get things into perspective.........to help you figure out your priorities. You just sound a little overwhelmed and confused to me.........I don't get the sense that you have any kind of anxiety disorder.

Please correct me if I'm wrong.
I wish you the best
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sorry I wasn't specific enough, study leave is the time during which you leave school to study for your finals. I haven't been diagnosed with anxiety but I have had increased heart rate, significant weight loss and I haven't been able to eat as much, struggling to sleep even though I'm really tired, lots of headaches and constant obsessive thinking, and have actually had a few panic attacks.
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This information tells me that it is imperative you see your doctor. Much of it sounds like "simple" anxiety, but "significant weight loss and lots of headaches" is concerning. These are both outside the normal criteria for anxiety disorders and should be evaluated as soon as possible.
Please discuss ALL of these symptoms with your doctor..........you do have a number of symptoms that could point to an anxiety disorder and a short course of therapy would most likely be very beneficial.

I wish I could give you the answers you need, but only your doctor is going to be able to do that. Please see him/her as soon as you can.
Please let us know what your doctor says. We are here if you need to talk.
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