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Anxiety or black mold exposure?

I feel like I’m going crazy. For the last week and a half I’ve been experiencing shimmery star-like vision, headaches, nausea flare ups, and slight sensitivity to light. In the summertime I started having breathing problems. My doctor told me it was due to Globus Sensation accompanied by GERD which makes my esophagus slightly enflamed. I also have really bad black mold on my bathroom ceiling. It’s been growing for at least a year if not a bit more. I also have agoraphobia. It’s the only reason I haven’t done anything about the mold due to the fact I’ll have to leave my apartment for a few days while they redo the ceiling which is impossible for me to do. I spend too much time on google so of course I worry myself to death. I was at the hospital and got a head CT done, bloodwork, urine sample. Everything came out normal. Does anyone know what’s wrong with me? I could really use some advice or help.
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I'm not a doctor but those symptoms don't sound anything at all like GERD.  If you had it, you'd be experiencing heartburn and other digestive problems which are often solved by not going to bed for awhile or lying down after eating.  It sounds like a migraine condition except for the fact it's sticking around that long, but it could be what are called cluster headaches or something like that.  The breathing difficulties could indicate covid or anxiety or any number of things but again doesn't sound like GERD.  The mold problem could create any number of allergy problems if you are indeed sensitive to it, and if you are able to go to the hospital I'm not sure I understand why you can't stay at a friend's house or with family or motel to get it tended to as you apparently do go out when you have to.  I'm also not sure why you'd have to leave, as what they do is scrub it with bleach and then paint it but of course no matter what you do it will come back if you don't have extremely great ventilation in that bathroom which almost nobody has who isn't extremely wealthy or else you clean it regularly once you get it painted.  The workers won't be there at night and I assume you don't spend most of your time in the bathroom, so if it is a problem you can get it fixed even with agoraphobia.  I know how hard this is, I have agoraphobia as well, so I get that you don't want to hassle with it but it is something you can get done if you need to.  The main issue is, though, I don't think you have an accurate diagnosis as of yet.  Peace.
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I definitely have gerd lmao. I won’t try to defend my illnesses to you when I only said one issue being an enflamed esophagus which was caused by the amount of stomach acid that comes up my throat every time I try to burp. I obviously have heartburn lmao.  it’s not even why I voiced my concern. I eat antacids like they’re candy. I have to wait three hours before I lay down after I eat. I can’t burp without the acid burning my throat. I can’t have chocolate, coffee, mint/menthol, spicy food, certain deli meats. As they all irritate the throat lining and make the heartburn worse for some people. Get wrecked just saying lol. I’d have to leave my apartment for the sole fact the landlord wants the whole ceiling redone. It’s peeling from moisture and the mold is everywhere. it needs to be redone. I wouldn’t be able to use my bathroom according to him. I’ve cleaned the mold before cause I’m not that dense but it always comes back. It’s not covid cause I was tested for it twice and it came back negative. Globus sensation is very real and you should google it you nincompoop before you question why I can’t breathe properly thinking it’s only from gerd. I can go to the hospital. Doesn’t mean I didn’t scream, cry, kick, have panic attacks, etc. You clearly have no idea what this feels like otherwise you wouldn’t be asking me why I can’t stay at a friends house. Leaving for a couple hours is one thing. Knowing I’ll still get to sleep in my bed and be in my comfort zone. Doesn’t change the fact the only thing I do is scream I want to go home and will do anything to make sure that happens. Making assumptions makes you look like an ******* lol don’t do it. I do spend most of my time in the bathroom. Sometimes I’ll take 4-5 half hour showers a day just to sit under the hot water to feel better. I only leave my house to bring the garbage out to the corner. My groceries are delivered to me and I don’t work. You say you have agoraphobia but I find that hard to believe. I hope you take the stick out your ass. Thanks for nothin. Peace.
When people realize how much of a prick they sound like so they delete their comment. Lol.
You don't sound at all like those of us who have agoraphobia.  Our lives are very hard and that make us more understanding of how hard life can be.  We're glad when anyone listens to us and tries to be helpful.  You, on the other hand, sound like an internet troll who popped up on a forum that doesn't have those.  We try to help and be as nice as possible.  Not saying we don't have our disagreements, but we do try to have them without being disagreeable, as opposed to you taking the opportunity to cuss someone out anonymously.  Again, doesn't sound like us.  But just in case you are actually serious here and not just a troll, GERD is common in those who have anxiety disorders.  It's a digestive disorder that is caused by something in the way you're eating.  It isn't caused by spicy foods; you might be sensitive to them, lots of people are, but many spicy foods are quite helpful at limiting the inflammation in the digestive tract.  Anything that bothers anyone they should obviously avoid, but instead of using any opportunity to yell at someone have you ever thought that you're causing a lot of your own problems?  I've had agoraphobia for decades.  I've used medication to help with it until the medication destroyed my life.  I meditate.  I exercise.  I eat very healthy foods.  If you're truly afraid to leave the house, which I'm not that bad, that's bad.  The question would be then, what are you doing to try to fix it?  Are you in therapy with a psychologist who practices CBT?  Are you on medication for it?  If you think mold is a problem for you one way or the other you either fix it or keep getting worse and worse.  Because again, you can cuss at people all you want but it won't change anything.  I've become afraid to go see docs because of a lot of reasons and yet here you are able to go see them and get tests done, which to me suggests you have a lot more freedom of movement than many do but you're also a whole lot angrier and resistant.  Stay that way and you will in fact stay this way.  At any rate, you and I are done.  You're on your own until you get over your anger.  It's really easy to cuss out people anonymously, isn't it?  

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