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Anxiety or heart attack symptoms?

Im 24 yrs old female, It all started with tingling & numbness on both hands i panic thinking stroke or heart attack i went to the er got a ekg came back fine doctor told me it was anxiety n panic attack, a week later i went to primary doc, she said it might be hyperthyroid, because i lose weight n get shaky hands, so she prescribe beta blockers, i took them n cause some chest pain so i stopped taking them, so she said it might anxiety, plus my blood results came back normal, after i started getting pain on my right temples, headaches, pain on chest, i went to the er for my pain on my temples, thinking i might have a brain tumor, got a ct scan blood work, everything looked fine, so i went back to the doc i discover A baby lump on my right chest, do doc did a pap smear & a ultrasound for my breast lump, results came back normal, now for the past weeks i been feeling upper back pain, always tension on my neck, some headaches, chest pain, twitching muscles, weird sharp pain on my chest that comes n goes, some heart burns, Dizziness, last night i woke up sweaty, chest pain on right n left my upper back..ect i want to go to the hospital i feel im having a heart attack, but then everyone says im crazy is all in my head, i dont know what to do? I started taking therapy i like it, but still i get this symptoms, every single day i stress about having a stroke or heart attack! Can someone help diagnose this? Is it serious or just anxiety?? Thanks for your patience, god bless.
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It sounds to me exactly what I have which is gad. Generalized anxiety disorder. I also had symptoms like yours and was in and out of er and drs offices. Till they finally sent me to a psychiatrist and got the meds I needed to control it. Then I started therapy too. But that's not always the answer. A lot of pol can just work out their issues in therapy without meds. It just depends on the person. I'm not a Dr. So please don't neglect going bc of what I say. But in my opinion its just gad. What I like to call ha. Health anxiety. Cause ur always worrying about your health. Anyway I hope I've helped u a little bit.
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Thank you!! Yea i feel i worrry all the time, i panic and i fear of dying :(.. Is *****! I hate how i worry about a heart attack, and im always checking my pulse, because i get chest pain.. Weird symptoms.. But thank you soo much for your opinion.. :)
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