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Anxiety or insanity?

I am going through the hardest part of my life about 5 days ago i had a panick attack my heart was beating a lot i thought i was going to die ,i recovered from that but the next morning i woke up feeling unwell mentally my mind was just full of what ifs ,what if i am going mad what if i am not okay and the more i thought about it the more i couldnt escape,i have a deep fear of going insane ,now am just trapped in these negative thoughts i cant even cop and i keep asking myself if i am ever going to feel normal again .i do not have money to get medical assistance so i thought i might get some help here cause i am failling to figure out whats going on with me..my ear feel blocked such that i am having a hard time hearing,my mind feels foggy i cant concentrate .i literally think about this the whole day.could i be going insane?am sorry if i sound irrational but am just so desperate and saf
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Maybe this will help.  Things can happen to cause Anxiety, Depression issues.  People who have had a serious issue such as death in the family, marital issues, work problems, legal problems, war, disasters or all sorts can just pile up and give you diagnosable anxiety or depression.  Clinical Depression versus having something be depressing is the length of time you have it.  *Check me on that but I think having an anxiety attack is worth seeing your doctor about.  I know (first hand) that it feels like you dying.  Mine seemed like a heart attack.  Other forms are just not being able to stop moving around.  No position is relaxing x 100.  Anyway the reason to see your doctor is to have a checkup to be sure you aren't having (for example) a heart attack for real.  If your doctor diagnoses you with Anxiety there are some meds she (or he) can prescribe that help.  If you have the kind of random anxiety that happens but there are periods of being functional it might just be a take as needed type of thing.  I think many people with Anxiety have that and it comes on for some people not from something external (Just wired that way - genetics? I dunno)  Others as before go through War for example and anxiety attacks can come from simply smelling things or loud bangs that bring unwanted memories of combat.  Anyway your not alone.  Its not anything to be ashamed to admit to your doctor. In fact I strongly urge you to see one.  They can also aim you at a therapist if your willing to try that (I think everyone should try therapy once)  

Just know that while this might seem like the worst time ever it gets better with time and attention from Doctors and Tdocs.  Sorry to hear your having this issue I know its no fun.
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Just to say, taking medication is a serious and invasive step.  Americans in particular are way over-medicated and over-diagnosed with mental illness.  So just everyone, judge how severe your problem is and what you've tried so far before turning to magic pills that aren't so magic.  If you need them, you need them.  Try a psychologist first, and if that doesn't work, then you can go to a psychiatrist and talk meds.  And some of the above isn't necessarily true -- if you're grieving a loss, you don't have a mental illness.  If the problem becomes so chronic you can't function very well, you've moved to perhaps having depression.  But don't rush to that conclusion, because meds suppress feelings we do need to get through if we're ever going to move on.  Life is always going to be hard.  And most of those who return from war with an anxiety problem have been found to have had a mental problem before going off to war.  I'm sure some haven't, but that's what the data is showing.  I don't know anyone who hasn't had an anxiety attack.  I know few people with a chronic anxiety problem.  Only the latter is a mental disorder.  Now, I've got a really bad chronic anxiety problem, but I also had a life before that where I had some situations that caused me anxiety I didn't have a chronic anxiety problem.  I think we've all been there.  As we've seen with opioids, Americans are really easy to get on meds.  Sometimes it's the best choice, and sometimes it isn't, but it's seldom the first choice.  Peace, all.
Hey James, I am also on board with the concept that major depression requires most often medication to overcome it.  I appreciate what you are saying.  It is hard to know sometimes what is clinical depression and what is the blues.  We can guess at it ourselves and if our depression is lingering and interfering with daily life, it usually requires 'something' to move past it.  Whether that is therapy, medication or a combination, that is between people and their doctor. All are people are different and require their own plan for treatment. And situational anxiety definitely happens.  Others have it all the time and for no obvious reason as well as times in which it would be natural to be nervous.  Anyway, thanks for your thoughts!
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Panic attacks feel so awful!!  I'm sorry you had one.  They are memorable if you don't get them all the time.  They feel THAT bad.  And then you can get anxious that you will have another.  Mental Health can often be made better when we suffer anxiety or depression.  Please have hope.  I think you are on the right track to continue to try to find professional help with a doctor.  You can start with your primary care doctor if you are in the US.  They can direct you to the next step knowing who is in the area that can further help you like psychiatrists or psychologists.  If you haven't any insurance, what about a clinic setting? A community health center?  Talking to a doctor about sliding fees based on income if you self pay?

I found this article if you are in the US if you don't have health insurance.  https://www.thepennyhoarder.com/save-money/low-cost-and-free-mental-health-services/  

We're here to talk.  I had a panic attack, a true full on panic attack, due to a circumstance.  It was a reaction to the circumstance.  I do tend to have some anxiety but do not have panic disorder.  So, it was related to a specific incident.  The incident was resolved, things were better.  You are talking about a tough time in your life.  Could this be the case for you?  A difficult situation that you have hopes of it resolving (soon)?  I also had a lot of anxiety related to a health issue.  I have inner ear issues and had an attack of horrible vertigo that made me bedridden for three days.  I was incapacitated. The issue is a faulty Eustachian Tube and I've had problems here and there.  I feel a bit of fullness and for a year after that, every time I felt a twinge in my ear, I'd get a panicked feeling the vertigo was about to happen again.  I haven't had a bout of it but one time in four years not but I still get really nervous. I'm sharing this because certain things can trigger our anxiety and put us in panic mode.  They can be legit things that happen in our life and are a response to them.  Is this kind of what is going on for you?
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I thinkk am now trapped in a situation whereby i feel like i am not okay even when i am okay i am unable to shut out that one voice in my head that tells me that i am not well mentally,i tried taking some medicine to deal with the anxiety but it hasnt heloed at all now i feel trapped like there is not getting out of this mess at all,i have no other stress except the one of not being able to escape my thoughts
You've had a shock.  It hit you hard.  Please try to get into therapy ASAP, as you're not moving out of this.  And I know this is hard, but try not to tell yourself you are unable or can't.  It becomes a habit.  You've had hard times before and they got better.  This one will as well if you let it.  Peace.
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No, you're not going insane.  You had a panic attack.  Some just have the one or two but move on.  Those of us who end up on here don't move on for whatever reason and that first panic attack leads to chronic anxiety.  It can feel like you're going nuts, but when you're truly insane, or psychotic, it's a much different set of symptoms.  Now, the money part.  How old are you?  What country do you live in?  Do you have family who can help?  I ask which country because most countries have programs for those who don't have any money.  It's hardest for those who make a living but not more than that, but if you are truly poor in the US there is help available.  But you might not be in the US.  It's time to reach out to your family and friends to find a good anxiety therapist, because it's hard to do this alone.  There are programs online, but effectiveness is unknown -- claims don't equal reality.  Maybe they help, maybe they don't, and some are better than others.  The quicker you find someone who knows how to help you figure this out and change this new way of thinking the less likely the problem sticks around, so do look for whatever resources you can find to get help.  All the best.
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And I should have added, it's a good idea to see y0ur regular doc and get a thorough check-up to see if anything physiological is going on.  

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