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Anxiety or something else ?

Hi I'm 18 & for three months now I've been suffering with constant anxiety, it started off with a back problem then I started to look on the Internet which started off the worry. Ever since then I have been constantly worrying that I have a serious underlying illness and that in going to die, I'm always feeling different parts of body to see if everything feels normal now I have addressed what my back problem is I still have constant physical symptoms such as headaches around fore head, temples and around the eyes, fatigue, I could sleep all day everyday, I have no motivation, never feel like going out and doing things I used to enjoy because of feeling ill, I have a constant fluy like aches in my shoulders, neck and arms which never go this is making me feel worse..I have been put on beta blockers, diasapam and other various meds but nothing seems to help. I really don't know what to do anymore it's really making me worse because nothing is helping me get better, I feel like im not me anymore:(
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You could have a few things, but you could be a hypochondriac.  Not saying you are but from what you are telling me it sounds that way.  Do you live in a area what is hot, do you have allergies?  Allergies cause headaches, around the eyes, forehead, temples and sides behind the ears too.  Fatigue, sleepiness, and a hang over feeling or fogginess.  It can also cause you to think slow, and have no motivation.  Allergies can develop overtime or suddenly, my brother is 31, and he just had allergies to pollen for the first time in his life.  I have had allergies to Bermuda grass for 17 years or more, so its old hat to me, but when I lived in Florida I though I was going to die.  My body hurt all the time, I was always tired and didn't want to do anything, I hurt, my head killed me.  Its not just a runny noise, and watery eyes.  I didn't have those, but I was so sick all the time.  I left Florida a few years ago, and feel great.  But I still get seasonal allergies living in Texas in the Spring.  So bring it up to your Dr, and get a allergy test to rule this out.
Remember I am not a Dr, just a medical health professional, always follow your Dr's advice before anything I say.
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I'm not a doc of any kind either, but what you're describing sounds like depression more than anxiety as the primary problem, not unusual given you're suffering from pain.  This could explain why the anti-anxiety meds haven't worked, as they can actually exacerbate depression.  Have you ever spoken to a therapist about this?
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I live in England and suffer from hay fever for only a few months in the year around April, I'm worried because every morning I wake up feeling ache around my upper back shoulder blades, neck and arms it wasn't always this bad but I'd the last few months has been the worse..at first I'd wake up and is only ache down one arm or one shoulder blade then it's gradually got worse..the doctor said beta blockers would help with the achy ness and feeling of not wanting to do anything but it hasn't, really worried that this achy feeling & feeling tired all the time is a symptom of something serious I could have?
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Beta blocker sounds a bit odd for these symptoms.
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