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Anxiety or something else?

My health problems all started two years ago after a night of heavy drinking with some friends. It was my second month as a freshman in college and my friends and I went out and had a blast at a party. The next day I had a slight hangover, drank a cup of coffee and then went out to go get breakfast. As I was eating I started to get a tingling sensation around my butt and legs which moved to my arms and face. I then got a hot flash and felt really disoriented. From that moment on I have felt in a constant mental fog.    

The first few days after the incident I had really high blood pressure 190/90, I felt really uneasy and was really worried.
The next few months I suffered through 3 or so small panic attacks and started to feel depressed as I constantly had half the energy I used to, didn't feel as mentally sharp and started to feel disconnected from reality.

After putting me through multiple test (Blood test, MRI, EKG) everything came back normal. I was also having some vision issues and facial pressure so my doctor had me get a cat scan. When the results came back from the cat scan it showed that I had chronic sinus infections in 4 of the 6 sinus cavities.

I then had a balloon sinuplasty preformed to try and fix the chronic sinusitis. The operation was found to be only partially successful and four months later I went in for a full sinus surgery where they also fixed my deviated septum.

It's been three months since I had the surgery preformed and I wany to believe so bad that I feel 100% healthy again but sadly still don't feel right.

I've put my friends and family through so much already and I'm tired of this whole health rat race to finally get a proper diagnosis so that I can get treated and feel better.  

Here are my current symptoms that I currently have in order of severity/frequency:

Always feel like I'm mentally tired, almost like morning grog that is 24/7. I actually feel more mentally sharp right when I wake up and then slowly become more in a fog as the day progresses (the other day I had to pull an all nighter, I thought that the next day I would feel like garbage but to my surprise I mentally felt the same as I usually do, just had a bit more of an urge to take a nap.)

Afterimages in Vision:
When looking at mountains in the horizon they have a glow to the outline of them that then transfers to anything else I look at for a few seconds, also happens when looking at someone I'm talking to. Also just in general when I'm indoors the corners of the room will have a glow to them that transfers for a second or so when I look somewhere else.  

Eye floaters:
The long translucent worm like floaters have become more frequent, sometimes have a bunch of small dots that are either clear or black that float around. Have also had a visual snow type feeling a few times.  

Difficulty focusing eyes:
Sometimes while taking to someone or working on the computer my eyes will go completely out of focus and I have to work hard mentally to get them back on track.

Hard to have conversations:
When talking to people I have a lot harder time being my funny self and really adding to the conversation. I start to feel embarrassed sometimes because of how difficult its become to remember things on the spot that I want to talk about (starting to talk about a new movie I saw but can't remember the name of it etc..) It makes me feel really disconnected to others sometimes.    

Experience are not as fun:
Every day life just feels duller, going out to do things that I used to love just feels like doing anything else.

Pressure/dull pain:
I sometimes get a hard dull pressure above and slightly behind my temples and also sometimes get this behind my eyes. I also have some slight jaw pain.

Eyelid twitching:
Sometimes my left eyelid will start to twitch, usually last for 2 days and then goes away for 3 days or so before it returns.

On rare occasion I start to feel off balance and woozy. Usually only last for a few seconds.

Other possibly helpful notes:
I no longer have panic attacks (triggered by caffeine) and do not feel the intensity of the derealization that I did when this all started. I also do not feel as depressed and can also drink caffeine again. I also try to keep my stress level to a minimum but I do not notice any changes in symptoms if my stress increases, because of school or work etc...

I am really thankful for anyone who can pitch in their two cents on what steps I should take at this point. I means a lot to me just knowing that you took time out of your day to read through this painfully long description of my health problems.
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Hey there. You had many tests done. An MRI ct scan etc would have shown anything serious. A lot of your symptoms can be anxiety related. Anyways the pain by the temple and jaw sounds like TMJ. I have this. I forget what it stands for lol but basically I clinch my jaw when I'm sleeping cause pain more so by my temples and sometimes jaw. I'm no doctor just what it sounds like. Have you talked to your doctor since your surgery? Are you worried they missed something? You need to trust your doctors and come to peace with that they found everything. You could try talking to your doctor again just tell him how you're feeling and mention anxiety. The mind is an amazing/powerful tool. I'm sorry I can't be of more help.  I hope I helped you in some way though
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