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Anxiety or something else?

I have previously posted a question about my memory and i forgot to say that i am also getting very sensitive to some noises to the point where i find myself getting really angry/frustrated at the rattling of crisp packets or sweet wrappers. My partner is nervous to have a noisy snack by me on case i bite his head off! Not literally obviously. Is this part of anxiety and depression ? Or Is this along with what i said in my previous post about memory loss,  bad headaches and costant tiredness something awful because when i go to the doctors i feel as though I'm getting fobbed off as i have more than one thing to talk about theres not enough time.  
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Yes, the old doctor is in too much of a hurry to listen problem.  This is medicine -- you have to pay up for more individualized care, and it isn't usually covered by insurance.  Also know that once your doctor knows you have an anxiety problem they have a tendency to attribute everything to it because then, again, they can get you out of the office and move on to the next patient and the next and next...  Nobody here can tell you if this is part of your anxiety and depression because yeah, it could be something physiological.  It's when our docs have done very thorough testing that we know, and even then, they can miss a thyroid condition or a hidden virus or a subtle nutritional deficiency.  Because nobody knows the cause of anxiety or depression, it's a difficult problem to have.  I think the things you mention are symptoms of mental problems, but they also can be symptoms of other things.  I would ask, how's the mind doing?  Are you feeling more anxious?  Are you feeling more irrational fears?  Are you suffering more anxiety and depression?  If so, that makes it more likely it's that, but again, only if you don't have some underlying condition causing the anxiety and depression and those conditions are very hard to find.  If you can afford it, there are doctors who will do a better job -- a practitioner of integrated medicine, a functional physician, places like the Mayo Clinic or Johns Hopkins if you can travel and can afford it.  if you do have anxiety and depression, though, and you know it, what are you doing to treat it?  
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You seem to have exacerbated sensory symptoms.  My son has sensory integration disorder.  Auditory processing issues can come in different forms.  One is when noises don't make sense where something that most people tune out, you simply can't.  It's so loud to you.  Then again, I distinctly remember my sister telling my mom on me that I was 'turning the pages too loudly" of a book I was reading.  :>)  Some people are just sensitive to sound.  However, if this is new, this could be neurological.  Sensory issues involve an issue with the messaging of the nervous system.  It can be that someone is over sensitive to pain, light, sound or under sensitive.  

My husband has anxiety and he is very jumpy.  You can easily startle him which is very common with anxious people.  Agitation is also a symptom of anxiety.

I think you should talk to your doctor and begin treatment.  I'll read your other post but if you have not done so already, speak to your primary GP for a place to start and consider counseling.  Sensory issues are treatable to some extent as there are some things you can do to help things.  Direct help to the nervous system for sensory issues can take the form of what they call 'heavy work'.  I can tell you what this is if you are interested.  Here's a general link about auditory processing: http://www.theapdfoundation.org/
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