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Anxiety or something else? Please help!!!

I know this is long but please read I need your help:(
Hello, I'm a 17 year old girl, i don't smoke or drink and i don't have a family history of any diseases. and about a month ago in the summer holidays I started experiencing palpitations for the first time, I visited a doctor who said that I was fine and it was just stress. after that I got my first panic attack ever(I hope that's what it was anyways) I was shaking and scared my hands were sweating and I felt dizzy, sick and like I couldn't breath. I visited another doctor and had some blood tests done which came back fine. He said it was anxiety. After that I started getting chest pains, they were sharp and would never be in the same place the next day, I got them in my back and on my side and sometimes in the middle of my chest.(these pains never happen together, after a while another pain comes and the other goes). When I came back home from holiday I visited a 3rd doctor and he said that a lot of teenagers come to him with such symptoms and it's probably anxiety. He said he doesn't want to give me any tests to do because it only adds more to the anxiety because of the waiting (which is true because I'm having the worst time waiting for my results). I did another blood test and an ecg, the bloods came back fine but I haven't gotten my ecg results yet(I'm scared about that because after the nurse finished she had a weird look on her face, I could have been imagining it but that's what worrying me, even tho she said they were fine, what if she was hiding something from me?) all this time I'm waiting to get an appointment to get reviewed with my results, I have developed new symptoms.my left arm feels weird, it's not painful but a little tingly in some places(where I had the blood drawn from twice in the same spot, that could be why but idk) then 2 days ago I woke up in the middle of the night short of breath and it continued until the morning, I realised that in school it stops, and it doesn't happen when I run or walk long distance. But it happened again when I went to bed yesterday, I was so so scared. On top of all of this I'm a hypochondriac and I have had many times in my life when I worry about little things about my body.
Note: when I was 12 I had a similar thing happen to me I didn't know what panic attacks were, but it disappeared after 2 years. Could it be coming back to haunt me again since it went untreated?
Please please please help I'm having such a horrible time and I can't stop crying and I'm so scared that it is something more serious and bad. I keep waking up with really bad thoughts and can't go to sleep anymore, I'm in school and failing my classes because I don't do my work and worry and can't concentrate!!!:( please help!!!
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I'm so sorry you're going through this and have no answers yet. You do have many symptoms of anxiety but I always recommend ruling every thing else out first. You've already had several tests but if you feel like this might be something physical then you should ask for more testing. If every single thing comes back fine then you may want to think about therapy. Something could be stressing you and you may not even realize what it is. Therapy could help you find out what may be going on.
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