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Anxiety or something worse? Paresthesia in hands, feet

I am 32 years old, male.  Since around age 10, I have occasionally gotten mild Paresthesia/tingling in my feet.  Sometimes at the heel or "ball" of the foot, other times on the toes or elsewhere.  Also occasionally in my hands.  It feels like when you sit on it and of course the blood flow gets cut off, only that's not the case.

It has gotten worse in my hands especially, but also in my feet over the last couple years.  My hands may well have a carpal tunnel type issue as well - about 2 yrs ago, I did some major home repairs that involved a lot of pounding with my hands and they hurt and were numb for a few days afterwards - seems this is when they really got worse.  My feet however wouldn't be explained by this.  Usually it's not pain, but sometimes, especially in my hands, it can hurt either on the round part of the palm at the wrist (pinky side of the hand) on either hand, or, along the crease of my palm.  Sometimes it's almost a burning/tingle/itch feeling, other times more of a numbness or paresthesia.  No visible swelling or discoloration, but I do have cracking of the bones in my feet and knees (not really in my hands).

I have been diagnosed with anxiety in the past - took Wellbutrin for about a year in 2003/2004 then went off of it.  Part of be believes the tingling to be associated with that (perhaps augmented by carpal tunnel syndrome in my hands) but I worry about things like MS...(although I have NO other MS symptoms that I can see - no head fog, no vision issues, cognitive issues, etc, also seems odd that I would have had the symptoms since age 10.)

It occurs in both feet and hands but not all at once, it can be the right foot and left hand, just a foot or hand, both hands, both feet, not usually all four limbs.  There seems to be no logical pattern, however, it does seem to get worse when I'm nervous or worried, hence my reason for posting here.  It seems to get worse in my feet when I get home from work and take off my shoes as well.

I also have brown discoloration spots on top of both feet - not a rash as they aren't raised, literally flat but a different color - these have appeared mostly over the last year.  PCP admitted she "had no idea" what they were.

I take vitamin supplements, but I am overweight, 5'7" tall, 245lbs.  Perhaps it's some type of neuropathy, but of course that can have a million causes...

Other conditions (may be related) - I get heartburn a lot and also occasional mild to moderate migraines with no aura.  Mild sleep apnea that is usually a non-factor if I sleep on my side.

I have an appt w/PCP, just hoping she does NOT ask for an MRI as I cannot handle them, not even the open ones.

Due to the anxiety I know I have, I have been sitting here assuming that it's the worst possible thing even though logically the chance is of course there, but it could just as easily be something much less serious.

Any ideas?  Honestly, it's not bad enough to hinder my life really at all, my concern is more for what it could mean or what could be causing it, or if it's going to make me end up like Stephen Hawking (minus the genius) in 30 more years!
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By "Cracking" in my feet I mean the bones "pop" when I walk or stand up, esp, when I get out of bed - I didn't mean a fracture, just to clarify.
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i have numbness in my toes ,feet,face,private area..i was put in the hospital..they thought i had a stoke...didnit.,..so they say its stress and anxtys...i know what you go threw  EVERYDAY  your thinking about it alot..do you get heartburn also?  i know the numbness  ***** bad..
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you and me sound alike..i have heartburn till nite comes then i eat..i also have sevre sleep apnea on bi pap and o2...no it dont sound like  M,S, i had it checked on me,,they say STRESS TO THE TOP DOES THIS..i also have no discoloration anywere..or any visible areas..just like a numbness or a novacaine kinda feeling..i get in on 3 toes on right foot the top of left foot but its warm to the touch..numbness in my whole private area but bnot all the time..when i get real nerves or pantic its on my whole face ears ,chest over my heart..then when i calm down it goes away in about 4 hrs

right now the heartburn is way out f sorts...i use a bi pap that put air in my tummy and have to pass gas wile sleeping  *****

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I just found out i have hyperthyroid and within the past 2 mos i began having panic attacks. Never had them before, scared the hell out of me. My attacks can get so bad that my arms, face, neck, chest all burn. Feels like heat from the inside out that you cant control. It can be all over or move from area to area. Feels like tingle tanning bed lotion! Definitely an anxiety symptom. Body burning is common during an axiety attack.
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PLEASE have your thyroid levels checked, this is the cause of all my recent anxiety attacks, heartburn, migraines, mood swings...etc!!!!

Check the thyroid!
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PCP recommended Thyroid and vitamin test, and visit to neurologist and dermatologist.  Also told me that although MS is *possible* it's unlikely based on symptoms.  Also felt it was NOT anxiety.

However, all evening, I've had periodic, short-duration (10 seconds or less) almost electric-shock like tingles in my big toe - sharp enough to be painful for a split second.  Never had that before.
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Today, the tingling has mostly subsided, but I'm a bit sore/weak feeling on my right arm and leg.  It's just a percieved weakness, I actually can still do everything and lift the same weight as normal.  In my leg, it almost feels more like sciatica.  Perhaps a spinal stenosis since it's affecting my arm too?  Almost as if whatever is afflicting me is "running it's course" or something - I otherwise feel pretty good today.

Is it possible that I have a very, very, very mild case of Guillain-Barre syndrome?

FWIW I (and my wife) self-administered several MS "tests" (get up with arms crossed, Babinski, balancing w/eyes closed, etc) and got the "normal" (no CNS damage) result on all...
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Hoping for a bit more feedback here.  I feel much more normal today, there has been very little tingling the last 24 hrs or so.  However, I keep alternating between a mild sciatica type feeling in my right leg, and an almost weak, "urge to move" feelign in my arm - not an actual twitch as I can rest it still, but just a bit of an urge.  It's only a percieved weakness, as I can still type fast, I can squeeze things just as hard (I have one of those metal hand grip thingies, forget what they're called but guys use them when they work out and I can squeeze it as usual.  Still zero other problems.

BFS perhaps?  Anxiety?  Slight spinal stenosis or pinched nerve in neck area?  Weird.  

I keep convincing myself it's not MS or something else bad, but then keep reading threads here and re-convince myself that it's bad!  
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Another comment - I CONSTANTLY bounce my knees at my desk and at other times, more the right than the left, but I do both - always have since childhood.
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Seems to "move around" a bit.  The weak feeling seems to be in my right arm and leg, but sometimes the arm, sometimes the leg, sometimes both, sometimes neither, but the tingling pops up anywhere in a stocking glove distribution at random.  Also had a little back pain last night that was gone in bed.
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Update - tingling 99% gone - now just the tightness in both legs and one arm (seems to jump around, rarely all three at once and sometimes all three feel fine)...seems a little better overall each day.

Got my B12 tested at 407.  While "in range", that's a bit on the low side, I wonder if that could be explanation for some of my symptoms esp. considering they're pretty mild.
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