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Anxiety or what?

Hi, I am male and 30 years of age. I have a bit of a problem and that is sometimes I get very nervous when talking to people and my heart starts racing like 200 beats per minute and I struggle for breath. I also worry about minor things and it can cause me not to sleep well at night. I am not awkward socially and I am perfectly normal around people.
Yesterday, when I was talking on the phone I could not even complete a sentence because I was that nervous and short of breath.

I have also been suffering from Premature Ejaculation and I have always had this issue and I remember a few years ago when I was completing a questionnaire, I nearly ejaculated and that was without an erection. It also happened some 14 years ago and then I ejaculated and everything blacked out in front of me.

I saw a doctor yesterday who suggested that I see a counsellor and I said I don’t think that would help as I have seen a counsellor in the past. He has asked me to have some blood tests done but he is saying it’s anxiety and he has already prescribed me Paroxetine, I have read on the internet and people don’t have positive feedback about the use of this drug and it’s side effects.  I have not take any of the tablets yet. What should I do? Are there any other avenues that I can possibly probe?
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It's really not a good ideas to read anything about these meds. I say that beause none of us kows how we will do on them. We're all so different. Someone may have great results with a med while smeone else will not.
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Thanks, I have read a lot of the net about this drug and most people have recommended that I don't use it and stay away from it.

I will need to find alternative treatments for the PE and occasional panic anxity issues. What other treatments have helped other people overcome these issues?
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I would recommend therapy to help you learn how to deal with your anxiety. They can help you find out why you're having anxiety and also teach you coping skills. What your caffeine intake, exercise, eat healthy and try to keep your stress level down. The PE may be caused by anxiety.
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