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Anxiety over wisdom tooth

I am scheduled to get my wisdom teeth out this coming Friday. I took antibiotics two weeks ago due to the flue and my doctor prescribed me antibiotics for after the surgery. I am scared to take two antibiotics in one month. I heard that is not good for you. Also, I am not sure if I currently have an infection now. I went to the dentist last week and he didn't say I need antibiotics before but I'm slightly swollen on my cheek but no pain. Not sure what do to I am really stressed about it and the fact that if I do take antibiotics before too that means 3 doses of antibiotics in one month. I also don't wanna post pone surgery any longer I just want them out. Did anyone else have this problem? Or have any insight? Because I'm really stressed over this I don't know what to do and my dentist won't be in till Monday so I can't speak to him.
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First of all, I don't know why a doctor would put you on antibiotics for the flu. The flu is a virus and antibiotics will not work against a virus.

I also don't understand why your doctor, and not your dentist, is prescribing medication for a dental procedure. Your dentist IS a doctor and is the one who should decide if you need medication. Are you saying your doctor also prescribed antibiotics for you to take BEFORE the procedure? I'm not liking that your doctor appears to be overstepping his boundaries.

Today is Saturday, the 20th. If your dentist will not be back in the office until Monday and your extractions are scheduled for Friday the 26th, you should have plenty of time to discuss this with your dentist before the procedure. Considering your anxiety level about the amount of antibiotics you've been prescribed by your doctor, I would make a DEFINITE point of talking to my dentist before taking any more medication.

But on this forum, we can not tell you to start, stop or change your meds in anyway, so this decision will have to be made by you.
You could try posting to our Dental Forum and see what they have to say. You can also talk to your pharmacist about this. They also can not tell you to alter medications, but they have far more knowledge than I do.

Always be sure to take a good probiotic when taking antibiotics. Antibiotics kill the bad stuff, but they also kill the good stuff, the probiotic will replace the good stuff. You can discuss that with your pharmacist as well.

Please try to calm down about this. I can understand your concern about taking so many antibiotics, but you're worrying yourself into a very anxious and unnecessary state.

In my humble and totally NON-MEDICAL opinion, if it was me, I would wait until I spoke with my dentist to take any more antibiotics. That is MY opinion only and YOU must do what YOU feel is right.
I wish you the best
No my doctor did not prescribe medication for me to take before procedure. I called my dentist today and he told me since I had taken azythromacine it's fine that I take amoxicillin AFTER the procedure. He said he does not think I need it before the procedure because my infection is not bad so just to take the antibiotics just after. I will be trying to have a lot of yogurt when taking the antibiotics next week.
My doctor only prescribed me meds for when I was sick with a fever and horrible sore throat. Yea he probably should not have idk but I took it and now I'm scared its gonna affect me negatively.
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Well, a dentist isn't actually a doctor, and dentists usually don't pull wisdom teeth either, that's usually done by an oral surgeon, who might also have an MD -- mine does.  Some do, some don't.  I know some dentists do it all, but the normal reason for getting wisdom teeth out is that they're impacted and won't fit in your mouth, shoving all the other teeth  and making a mess if they come in.  So they pull them.  I would say if you're having any questions, I'd go see an oral surgeon, who specializes in surgery, and get another opinion.  As for the antibiotic, the amoxycyllin is sometimes given and sometimes not depending on the professional -- it's usually to prevent secondary infections that follow the surgery, not for the reason you're having surgery in dental procedures.  I wouldn't worry too much about it either way -- and rather than yoghurt, I'd be taking a multi-spectrum probiotic purchased from the refrigerated section of your best local health foods store.  The probiotics in yoghurt are generally killed by pasteurization unless you buy a very good quality organic yoghurt that puts another batch in after the yoghurt is cultured, but these organisms are few in number whereas the supplements have billions of organisms.  The best effect of yoghurt is a prebiotic, which means it provides food for probiotics, but then you have to deal with the problems of eating dairy.  I'd go for the supplement, and keep taking it for a couple months after you're finished with taking the antibiotics.  And Rubywitch is right, antibiotics are useless against the flu, your doctor sounds very old fashioned.  Current training is to avoid them except where absolutely necessary, but practice takes a long time to catch up with science.  (Can anyone tell I've had way too many dental procedures in my life?  Just had another root canal, and getting another tooth pulled soon.  I've been through this tangle my whole adult life because I've had horrid teeth since I was a kid.  Nuts.)
I'm just scared if I have an infection before and he pulls them that it can kill me. I know that sounds over dramatic but I'm gonna be taking antibiotics after so I guess if I have an infection it will stop it right? Plus I'm gonna be doing a rinse and taking painkillers etc to help.
But when I went to see the oral surgeon he said unless my teeth actually hurt I don't need antibiotics just take them after the surgery.
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If you are seeing a reputable oral surgeon for the extractions, then my advice is to listen to him. Talk to him on Monday and let him know your concerns about taking too many antibiotics.If your wisdom teeth are not only impacted but infected, your oral surgeon will know and most likely postpone taking them out until the infection is gone. That was MY experience when 2 of my wisdom teeth needed to come out.
You are not going to die in this day and age from having your wisdom teeth pulled. This is 2016, not 1816 (or even 1916) The oral surgeon will almost certainly put you on antibiotics after the surgery, but by then I would hope all your fears had been addressed. I also agree 100% with Paxil regarding the yogurt. Not only has it been pasteurized, which kills the bacteria, read the label and see how much sugar there is in most popular brands. Good AND bad bacteria feed on sugar, so essentially you're getting no benefit. As Paxil advised, go to a very good health food store and purchase a refrigerated probiotic containing at least 20 billion CFU's. I understand that can be a bit confusing if you're not a regular user of probiotics but just copy it down and a salesperson will help you find a good quality brand. Sometimes local pharmacies carry refrigerated probiotics, so you might want to call a few in your area if you don't have a health food store or co-op nearby.
I'm sure once you talk with your oral surgeon, you'll relax. And I hope you're not on Google searching "Death By Antibiotics!" I'm trying to add a smidgen of humor here, but I'm sure there ARE sites out there like that. Please don't go there. You're going to be just fine.........pretty sore, but very much alive!!!!
Let us know how you're doing, OK?
Thank you so much I will let you guys know :) I'm just scared that of getting them out while infected. But in taking antibiotics after so I guess if there is an infection then those antibiotics should stop it in its tracks.
When yours were infected what did you feel?
My cheek is slightly swollen on the bottom and my neck and ear feels weird but oral surgeon wasn't too worried about it and said I don't have an infection. Idk I want to believe him but just scared.
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The "after procedure antibiotic" is just a precautionary measure. If your worried about any damage antibiotics will do to you, take a good probiotic with it. Antibiotics typically disrupt the gut flora more then anything. Doctors are now smartening up and telling patients to back them up with probiotics.

And rinse a few times a day with salt water as well after any dental procedure. It sterilizes the mouth.
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Even if the teeth ARE infected when the oral surgeon extracts them, he will DEFINITELY give you antibiotics strong enough to "stop any infection in it's tracks" and protect you. Please trust me on this and please discuss these fears with the surgeon BEFORE the procedure.

When my wisdom teeth were impacted and infected, the pain was HORRIBLE! The whole side of my face was swollen and felt hot. The infection caused my entire mouth to hurt and all my teeth ached really bad. I had a terrible headache, too. He had given me very strong antibiotics which took about 3-4 days to begin to help the infection and also pain meds which really didn't help much. I felt like my head was going to explode! I had a VERY bad infection! If YOUR teeth are infected, it must be a very mild infection at this point which is why they have you scheduled for this Friday. I waited too long and look at the mess I created for myself. I was also put on MORE antibiotics after they were extracted. And here I am, alive and well to tell you about my wisdom teeth nightmare! I took a wagon load of antibiotics during that experience AND probiotics. PLEASE don't be afraid. You'll be fine! Do plan on having a friend drive you to and from your appointment............I didn't and made it home just fine, but it sure would have been nice.
Again..........you're going to be fine. The antibiotics will definitely protect you. In a couple of weeks, you'll wonder what you were so nervous about and best of all, your damn teeth won't hurt anymore! Big smile...........
Write if you get scared again!
I did speak to my oral surgeon yesterday and he said unless I have unbearable pain I don't need antibiotics. I guess your right because if that ends up happening I'm gonna be taking some antibiotics after. My right side is a bit swollen but no intense pain to where I can't handle it so I guess it's fine. Just can't wait to get them out.
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Then that is excellent news!!!! The symptoms you've described are more like pressure from the swelling which does not always mean infection. There was absolutely NO DOUBT I had an infection because of the pain. On a scale of 1-10, my pain was a 12+

  Perhaps taking something OTC like Tylenol will help with the pain you do have. Rinsing your mouth several times a day with warm salt water will help stave off infection, which some people believe and other's don't. I do. And besides, like chicken soup, it can't hurt! Applying warm compresses may help as well with the swelling.

I'm so glad you got to speak with your doctor. You already sound calmer!

I know that feeling of just wanting the whole thing over and yours will be very soon. Just hang in there and let your doctor know right away if things get worse...........which they most likely won't.

Will be wishing you the best and hope you let us know how it all went!
Thank you so much for speaking to me you have really calmed me down so much. Ya my swelling in my neck might be from the swelling in my check everything seems to be puffed up like my skin I guess idk and ya I've been taking Tylenol and Advil but isn't helping much with the swelling or random pains I get. Definitely should try the warm compresses maybe that will help. Thank you so much again you really are helping me.
For me I'm more worried about my neck because idk if that's normal. Not really swollen but certain parts I can tell are even towards the bottoms and I know that usually the top swells if it's teeth so idk. Not too bad but noticeable to me.
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How nice of you to write and say that! Thank you.
Don't expect much from the Tylenol or Advil.........stuff like that really isn't strong enough for a major tooth ache kind of pain. If it gets worse, ask your doc for something........there is no reason to suffer! The warm compresses help while you're holding them to your face, but the relief doesn't last very long. I know some people swear by Ora-Gel for temporary relief and there are numerous herbs that are suppose to be really good for toothache. I'll list two of them here as most people already have these in their cupboards. Like the chicken soup, they can't hurt!
Cowboys swore by whiskey...........medicinal purposes only! LOL
Take care, Toots!


Eugenol, the principal molecular component of the oil derived from cloves, is a common ingredient in dental products – that ought to tell you something! Ground or crushed whole cloves are believed to be effective in dealing with tooth pain due to their “dual action”, with both pain relieving and antimicrobial (bacteria-killing) properties. Also, cloves are known for their anesthetic and numbing effect when chewed.


The use of ginger root is probably one of the most common herbal remedies for toothaches that had been in use for decades now. All you have to do is peel off its skin and put it over the affected tooth and bite it. Eventually, the pain will subside. Change the ginger in your mouth periodically as needed.
Thank you so much. What do you think about my swollen neck though
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The swelling in your neck is just another part of this whole tooth thing. Which is not a very good explanation until you understand the concept of  "referred pain."

If we have pulled muscle in our upper back, it hurts, so we often, subconsciously, hunch our shoulders up around our ears to try and ease the pain, but when we hunch our shoulders, we're now also putting tension on muscles in our neck, which in turn puts tension on the muscles in our scalp and that gives us a "tension" headache..........so, what we've got here is one pain that has turned into several pains because everything is connected and your headache (and your neck pain and your shoulder pain) are all called "referred pain" from that upper back muscle. I don't think I explained that very well, but your neck is swollen because your face is swollen and your face is swollen is because your wisdom teeth are hurting  like hell and everything there is connected, too, so yeah, the swelling is "referred swelling" from your teeth.
Remember that old song "the shin bone's connected to the thigh bone, the thigh bone's connected to the hip bone, the hip bone's connected to the tail bone......" There ya go. We are CONNECTED from top to bottom.

And IF there is some MINOR infection going on, the swelling in your neck could be your lymph gland. If you gently press on the side of the neck as your wisdom teeth, do you feel a slight pain and possibly a bump? That would be your lymph node which is swelling up to help fight any infection. Oh, and don't keep pushing and poking at it to see if it's getting bigger.....they really don't like that! Just put the warm cloth on that area, too.

Helpful hint............if you have some rice in the house, find a nice sock, fill it with rice, tie it shut, put it in the microwave for awhile and it makes a wonderful, flexible "heating pad." Unless, of course, you already have a heating pad................

Time to stop over-thinking and worrying about this my friend!!! Everything going on is normal and consistent with wisdom teeth that need to be extracted.

Let me know how you're doing in the morning and try to get a good nights rest if you can.
I have a lymph node on my side of my neck but it's been there for months there isn't any on my actual neck in the front of anything just seems like the muscles are up a bit and the skin and stuff just slightly swollen as a whole.
Also I will be taking a sedative before the surgery which I am happy about. Instead of iv my dentist gives a pill called halcion as well as antihistamine pills to open up my air ways. My friends did it with him and with this way and said they felt nothing and are conscious and dentist spoke with them and they replied but they personally don't remember the whole procedure. I think for me that's the best thing because I have high anxiety and this calms me down. My mother is taking me to the place and taking me home so I have someone with me. Just kinda weirded out about how this is gonna be. It's weird that I won't be able to remember it but at least I can learn through my friends who did it that it was a cool experience and they felt nothing. I feel like being awake will be so traumatic I personally don't wanna see them or feel them pulling them out haha. I'm not scared of being put under because I know it's safe but my dad hates that stuff and he was advising me not to do it that way and that made me panic a bit. He gets scared easily too and he told me don't take them out at once as well but I feel like going through the process once is better than twice or 3 or 4 times.
Also today I woke up with pain in my right side of neck that comes and goes and I can clearly see one of my veins blue there due to the swelling. I'm so scared of my neck more than anything right now.
New update is that dentist ended up telling me take the antibiotics start it now. He gVe me 10 days to take after but since I'm having pain he said just start the antibiotics now so by the day of the surgery I would've taken 4 and started the 5th day that day and he then might give me 3 days extra after if needed. He said since I'm starting to have pain it's just better to start is prior to get rid of the infection. He's not really giving me any more extra just starting it ahead of time.
Sorry to be messaging you a lot you probably think I'm crazy ahha I just wanted to update you and see what you thought.
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Just to say different people have different experiences, when I had my wisdom teeth out I had no pain at all.  And no antibiotics, either.  Since then I've had three infected teeth extracted (all were root canals that had outlived their usefulness), and only one required antibiotics afterwards because the area was still infected.  With the other two, one required no antibiotics, the other required an antibiotic before the extraction but only because my dentist did something he shouldn't have and caused an abcess in the gum.  I wouldn't worry.  And just because any physician gives you a prescription for an antibiotic doesn't mean you have to take it if you don't currently have an infection (if you do have an infection, take the antibiotic for sure).  You can wait and see.  I recently was quite angry after my latest root canal when I was put on an antibiotic, then a second because, I thought, I reported the tooth still hurt.  Quite the contrary, the antibiotics weren't for the original infection but for a secondary infection I didn't have and never got.  I would never have taken the antibiotics if I'd known that -- I'd only have taken them if I actually developed an infection.  The tooth is still hurting because of inflammation, not an infection.  I've also had docs try to give me antibiotics when I go in with sinus or ear problems or sometimes, yes, the flu, but I don't fill the prescription.  I usually just want the diagnosis.  Good luck to you, and I wouldn't worry.
Thank you so much you all are helping a lot. Yea your right no need to take antibiotics now but I would like to take it after for prevention purposes. That's how I think at least.
Thing is I have  swelling in my neck along the sternocleidomast muscle I believe it is called and my cheek is slightly swollen and it's causing me to worry. My dentist said to start taking antibiotics because I started to have pain and I'll continue the course of  it after surgery Friday so in not taking extra just started it a couple days early.
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