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Anxiety overload

Dear all,

It's been a while since I've posted, but tonight in particular I feel like I really need some support and advice.
I have for the last few weeks, since moving jobs, slowly but surely gone down the path from safety and controlling my anxiety to full blown panic and I just can't rationalise.

It's got to the point where I have cold-sores, so therefore I'm convinced they are in my eye and that my fuzzy flu-like symptoms are encephalitis. Or that I have swine flu.

Is there anything practical tonight that I can do to stop this? How do you know when you are just feeling sick because of anxiety or sick because its real? I don't take medicines, part of my anxiety. Taking a up of green tea and shaking as I type this. So worried that I'm going to make myself more sick, therefore lower my immune system even more and be on the same cycle.

Sorry to mind dump this on everyone, I just can't handle it tonight at all. As I type this I am trying to hold back the tears, please give me some kick up the *** advice please to get me out of this doldrum,

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Hello there,

I went thru all of this, i thought i had a brain tumour, infections and much more all because of physical symptoms of anxiety. The best thing to do to ease your mind is to get yourself checked up.
If you have nothing then you can start working on your anxiety and maybe try a therapist.

So yeah my best advice is to go see a doctors to see if there's anything wrong with you, this is the only thing that will give you the answer you are looking for. We are not in a position to tell you it's all anxiety don't go see a doc since we can't have a physical diagnostic on you. Even tho i'd like to tell you it's all in your head, we can be 100% sure untill you go see a doc.

Best regards,
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oh, sally.  i know that horrible feeling so well, i'm so sorry.  my doc thought i must have a cancer he couldn't find because of some blood tests and symptoms and i can't tell you how many thousands of dollars of (mostly insurance, thank heavens)  and hours of appointments have been spent since then trying to quell my anxiety.  including a trip across the country to the mayo clinic, and i just got back from a breast specialist because i was convinced it has been breast cancer all this time (7 months) and we didn't think to look there.  well.  practical advice:
stop drinking caffeine (like green tea) when you are particularly stressed.  it increases nervousness.

exercise every day, as hard as you are able to without getting overtired.

let yourself feel what you feel, instead of pushing it away.  be scared.  sit and think about how being scared feels in your body.  this is a technique i learned from a therapist and it seems to really help me breathe better.  he even said imagine giving the scared feeling a hug.  sounds crazy, but i found it does feel better than trying to push the scared feeling away.  

i take sleeping pills when i have to because losing sleep seems to make me sicker than taking pills, might be true for you.  benadryl allergy medicine works as well as some prescriptions for me.

let me know how you're doing! hopefully we'll both get better soon.
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Thanks guys for the comments. It's now morning here and I've taken the day off work.

M4YOU - I have been to a trauma councellor in the past and my sessions ended in April. I have been diagnosed with a moderately severe anxiety disorder. Taking your and my boyfriends advice I;ve made an appointment with the doctor on Monday. So thank you for your reply.

wondering _ i really know where you are coming from. why is it that we fear getting sick when ironically our fear probably makes us sick. I forgot that green tea has caffeine, my doctor encouraged me to drink it. Was there something wrong with you? i hate tablets but i think for the sake of my relationship and my sanity i might have to get some help. but does it not make you feel out of control? ie can you not feel yourself getting drowsy and does that not make you MORE anxious?

Every twinge feels like I am dying or there is something wrong with me, that i'm sitting here getting sick and that fear is what's driving me mental so to speak. Ironically for all of us getting stressed is more likely to make us actually sick. Thanks again , SA
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still don't know if something really is wrong w/me besides anxiety and benign conditions.  bloodwork abnormal.   breast symptoms abnormal.  wondering, worrying, different docs say different things.

benadryl just feels like a normal tired to me, so it helps w/o causing more stress.  every twinge does that to me too.  it's outrageous, isn't it?
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