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Anxiety/panic attacks

I have in the past 4 monthes been getting full blown attack the really were so unbearable I had to go to the ER while I was given xanax in dec.  and ativant in Jan.  these meds help me but I am so counfused as to why is this happening to me.  I feel so affraid of everything it is taking everything out of me and controlling my life and I am getting very depressed because I cant figure out why...........please help
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Don't feel bad. I have them bad.  Fortuntly, I've gotten them under control enough with meds that they aren't steady as they use to be.  
It is a horrible feeling to get them.  When I do get the panic attacks I honeslty freeze.  I simply can not function.  Mine start at the pit of my stomack, like feeling sick and works it's way up. When I feel one coming on and I've noticed it's when I get frightened over something.I just have to say to myself, HERE WE GO AGAIN, HANG ON. Sometimes it can last a few minutes, a few hours and I have had some 2 or 3 days.  
This bull of just getting over it, is just that.  I'd like to see someone that doesn't suffer from this JUST GET OVER IT
Probably gotten off the subject.  I hate to say it, but your probably going to have to get help over this.
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Been there still get them sometimes not as often as I used to. I find that the meds I am taking are helping and just taking your mind off of it helps. Easier said then done I know all I can say is go out and have some good physical fun. Something that gets your heart rate up like today I played hockey with my kids or if you've got snow go sledding just get out. Enjoy life, it's to short to worry and I think thats another thing I am starting to realize and death is what scares me and sends me into panics. Good Luck
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I suffered with severe panic attacks for over a year.  It was almost unbearable.  I describe it as losing my sense of self and living in a constant state of fear and "fight or flight."  Mine were brought on by years of trying to make my mentally ill child "perfect" after my husband was killed in a car accident.  With lots of therapy and a great doctor who never gave up  - I realized I did all I could and now I have to let go of my son - he is an adult now and responsible for his life.  To me  - panic is a type of prison and I hope you find relief soon and that you never have to experience anxiety again.
All the best.
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I had my first panic attack when I was 19, walking through a mall I'd been to a thousand times before, and didn't know what the hell was happening to me. My heart started speeding up, I felt like I was going to be sick and my vision went crazy. I got out of there fast and went to the doctor. Turned out I was getting a virus but the panic attacks kept up for 6 months. I couldn't go to the mall for over a year because it would bring an attack on. The weird thing is I didn't have a label for these attacks then and I didn't find out what they were medically called until 13 years later. My internist explained to me that I suffered from anxiety attacks and that it is hereditery. After talking to different members of my family I found out I wasn't alone. All of my siblings, my mother, some aunts, cousins and one grandmother all suffer or suffered anxiety attacks. And we've all tried different ways to cope with it. I didn't take any medication for the attacks because they were too infrequent and no one recognized them until after I had my twins. My internist gave me a Rx for Ativan but, because they are addictive, she limited me to 20 every 6 months. I rarely ever used them because I recognized what would start an attack and avoided it. For instance, my attacks started again after years of not having one in the produce section of the grocery store I frequented almost daily. One minute I'm looking at a cucumber, the next thing I know is that my vision goes haywire and I start hyperventilating. It's very freaky when it just starts out of nowhere because you think something's seriously physically wrong with you, like you're about to have a heart attack. Anyway, I avoided the produce section for 3 months(I could walk everywhere else in the stupid store) and I finally ventured back in that area when I wasn't thinking about it. The key to controlling your anxiety, I feel, is to not let it control you. Figure out the trigger points and learn how to avoid them or work through them. Just realize that you are not going to die and take slow, controlled breaths. In the last 15 years, I've had 2 anxiety attacks. When I know I'm going to be in what I feel is a stressful situation that might cause an anxiety attack, I will take an Ativan or, many times, I just pray or talk myself OUT OF having an anxiety attack. Identify it, work through it and don't let it control your life. You are the one in control always. Let that be your mantra :  )

Take care
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had very very similar case....
My sister has been treated for depression and when I told her I thought I had a problem with anxiety, she quickly said, "you need help because they are related and it will turn to depression if you just let it go".  Two days later, when the anxiety didn't leave, depression set in for a brief period because I just couldn't figure it out.

I immediately went to my MD who started me on celexa (cilatropram).  It's a slow process but I had a better day yesterday (day 11 of meds) and am back at work today.  
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Junglejim, while I don't wish this on anyone, it is good to hear that someone else has that beginning "in the pit of the stomach" feeling.  That is my alert to what is beginning, along with a breathing issue.

Right now I find it sad that most of mine happen when I am at home, especially after I have been away from home either at work or for some reason - and then come home, and one begins.  I am pretty sure it is because I am under a lot of stress at home.

I guess I am going to have to discuss a regular medication with my DH.  He gave me a few lorazapam when he felt I was under stress with DH's surgery over a year ago but does not want to give me that on a regular basis.

Hoping for a calm evening for everyone.

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