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Anxiety plus heart pain

Hello, My name is Kelsey I am 17 years old. I got out of the hospital about two months ago, I was in the hospital because i had a very sharp pain in my lower left side right above my overies. The put me on heavy antibiotics and told me it was gonnoria or clymidia( i dont no how to spell them) I told the doctor he was wrong because i had not had sex for awhile. Well they couldnt find anything so they told me it was a ovariam sist that ruptured. Almost a week afterwards i had this awful achy feeling in my chest i was also nauseas and thought i was going to die. I went to the doctor he kind of ignored it but i had 2 or 3 more that same month so i went to the emergancie room they told me there was nothing wrong w/ my chest or heart they took a x-ray and ekg. I went back to my family doctor and he told me i was having anxiety attcks. My syptoms were the achy chest and the nausea but also between theses attcks sometimes my heart would just heart, not a sharp pain but just a little pain and one day i also got light headed it was very scary. the doctor gave me lexapro it made me sick. I have not had an attack in two weeks but sometimes my heart does hurt a little but i feel as if the anxiety is going away? Is this normal for the heart to hurt, maybe its even from me worrying !
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I am sorry that you are dealing with this right now.  In my experience with anxiety, especially when we worry about our health, I tended to focus on what I thought might be a problem.  My concerns were with heart health, so naturally I would focus on every little palpatation, twinge, pain, etc in my chest; and it drove me up a wall.  Your doctor says that you are okay, which is a great thing by the way, but that sometimes does not reassure us when we think something is wrong.  Plus, you are really young, which is also a good thing:).  Now, do you have access to counseling?  For me, just talking about my worries and understanding why I was thinking the way I did, helped me overcome this...keep us posted!
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Yes it is actually very common for anxiety to cause the heart to hurt! Like cj29 says, we are not easily convinced that worrying can cause a physical problem like pain in our heart for example. I have experineced the same thing, and thought it was a physical disease, until I learned it was my own worrying, anxiety. Hope you're feeling better.
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