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Anxiety related HIV

Hi, I'm a 22 years old male. I'm having this irrational fear about HIV after come across an article about HIV early symtons.

3 months ago I had sex with my ex-girlfriend, whom I'm sure is okay. She's very careful with her sex life and only had sex with one guy before me.

After a month of that event, I had my wisdoms teeth pulled out and 2 weeks later, I had symtons which I thought it was Vestibular Disorders. I had this very tense feeling behind my neck and slight dizziness when i turned quickly. I also sweat a bit.
I saw a doctor, she gave me some pills and it went away after 4 days.

Everything should have been fine if I hadn't come across an article about HIV symtons online. From that moment on, I have had anxiety about HIV. I started feeling muscle and joints aches and ended up hurting my wrist trying to twist and turn to relieve the pain. The pain went away after a week or two. Now on my arm, there is a bruise which appeared out of nowhere but it seems fading away.
Also note that I didn't have any fever, no lymph node, no rash but I have a few pimples (which are common since I live in subtropical climate).

Now all symtons are considered gone away. However, I still cannot get the fear out of my head. I have talked to a few friends and they convinced me the fear is absolutely irrational but everytime I am alone, that anxiety comes back. I need your opinion on my problem since therapist is really not a thing where I am now.
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is it unprotected?
Yes, it was. But i'm sure she's alright. Beside I only started panicking after I read the article. Since then most of my free time I spent looking for symtons. Not at all healthy i'm afraid
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Protection was used. All is ok.

You should address your anxiety, not HIV
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If you had AIDS your wounds etc would not heal. Stop reading health articles that are published with an agenda to get maximum viewers and the best way to do so is by striking fear into people.
Address your anxiety. You may have borderline generalized anxiety disorder and are obsessed with health anxiety specifically STDs. If you still can't come out of it - grow some balls (sorry to sound harsh) and get an std test done :) you will be at peace after that because you definitely don't have acquired immuno deficiency syndrome.
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Hey Taylor

From the looks of it you're suffering from health anxiety. You're pretty much cleared from HIV, you have no physical symptoms so it's safe to assume that all this fears are caused by anxiety. In this case it's essential that you have yourself checked by a psychiatrist or a psychologist or both. Either can he help you deal with the situation you're in right now. I know how scary HIV can be but you have to trust your doctors.
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