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Anxiety related to recent events?

Earlier this year I realized that I'm Bisexual, consciously  I'm perfectly fine with that but is there a possibility I'm not fine with that subconsciously? I did go through a small period of time (two weeks-two months) where I was depressed due to this. After that period I started smoking Marijuana, not as a stress reliever or escape just as a social kind of thing. And recently, I quit because I had (what I believe was) a panic attack (two weeks ago) due to me smoking and here two weeks later, I'm having what I believe is Anxiety issues. Hearing any form of traumatic events even if I'm completely aware I'm safe and that it can't hurt me still leads to me have symptoms of shortness of breath, light-headedness and various other symptoms of anxiety. Additionally, I'm sleeping but it really doesn't feel like I'm sleeping much. It's been going on for about three days or so, whereas earlier in the week a select few songs would considerably stress me out and that would be all in relation to stress. I also have this sense that I'm not going to be living for much longer and I don't completely understand the cause of that.

Any help would be appreciated
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Additionally, I've been feeling depersonalization for a long time, while being more tired than usual, not heavy depersonalization but at the very least minor depersonalization, and I'll literally tell myself "WAKE UP" in my head and I'll feel less depersonalized

The first time I consciously experienced that was after smoking and I experienced it more frequently as time progressed.
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I've heard of many people having panic attacks during or after smoking marijuana. You might be a person that just can't smoke it.
You mentioned feeling depressed for a short time after realizing your bi-sexual. You might want to think about seeing a counselor because your symptoms do sound like anxiety and depression.
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It's been two and a half weeks sense I smoked last, about 6 months sense I realized my sexuality and about 3 months when I became ok with it
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Having panic attacks can be a vicious cycle. You have one and then your afraid your going to have another one. You get yourself so worked up it does happen again. You've been through a lot in the last six months. Seeing a counselor might help break this cycle, if that's what's going on. Someone who specializes in CBT would be great.  Remar
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