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Has anyone tried acupuncture or those negative ion bracelets for anxiety relief?
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I have tried all sorts of crystals and magnets and bags of herbs and aroma therapy etc etc etc for my panic disorder and while they were fun to wear or smell, they did nothing for my anxiety. I am speaking only for myself. Perhaps there ARE people out there who have found the cure with these methods..........it just wasn't me.

I personally have never tried acupuncture but have definitely considered it, and I know several people who have found some degree of relief from it. The one complaint they have is that the relief is fairly short lived and they had to keep going back. But I wouldn't hesitate to try it if you're looking for alternatives to medications.

You might want to check out our Alternative Medicine Forum or the Complimentary Medical Forum for more information.

I wish you luck and if you do try the acupuncture, let me know what you think about it.
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Thank you for the reply. I am willing to try even if short lived, maybe I can feel normal for a small amount of time LOL.
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I wish you the best and hope you find relief.
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I would think the bracelets are probably bogus, but acupuncture I did try for only a short time, too short to have made a difference.  In traditional Chinese Medicine, which is complicated, fear is tied to the kidneys, and so acupuncture wouldn't be a short thing -- the body is connected in holistic medicine, and it would probably take a lot of sessions.  But it would also be most likely, if you really saw a genuine practitioner rather than, say, a chiropractor who learned a few lessons of it, tied to herbal medicine and lifestyle changes such as meditation.  It would, in other words, be tied to a holistic program if done optimally.  That, of course, is hard, time consuming, and takes discipline, something people with mental illness and particularly people in western countries who expect quick results from everything find challenging.  So if you do pursue this, do it with a classically trained acupuncturist, and see where it goes.
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Yes, I have been looking for a traditional chinese practioner to do it. I am willing to invest the time if I can get some relief!
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