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Hi everyone! So I have had pretty bad anxiety/depression for years now. I have noticed through out my life, that because I have always been so focused on the anxiety 24/7, and how to fix it or make myself feel better, that I am not quite as worldly/factual as other people. I find that this makes it very difficult to just normally converse with new people in my life, because I feel like the topic I know the most about is anxiety. Obviously that is not the only thing I am capable of talking about, but I just feel so behind on normal topics that other people interpret and remember so well. I was just curious if anyone else experiences this? I am 23 years old, and this is just a huge struggle for me right now. I would just like to be normal for once and be able to focus and learn like so many other people are able to do! I am tired of always being so focused on the anxiety or in an anxious state. And I have tried medications, etc, so I do know how to help myself. But I feel like with anxiety, it is semi genetic, so even when the anxiety is under control, we will still be semi anxious/over aware people. I guess I mainly just would appreciate reassurance that I am not the only one who feels this way. Thank you in advance!!
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Hey! I'm sure many others feel the same... One way you could lessen the anxiety about not knowing current events and stuff is to dedicate a small portion of time each day to learning something new... Even if its just reading a newspaper... Hang in there!
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It does make sense that anxiety is the number one thing to focus on because it's the issue that is effecting your life the most. Are you in therapy? I find that it helps because you can put your time & energy into talking about it during your sessions leaving your other time free for what ever your interests are. I have OCD so I use my therapy time to talk about what is bothering me. If something is really bothering me I talk to my sister or my friend. They both know that I have OCD & need to get what ever it is out but I have learned how to control this with the therapy & meds
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