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Anxiety solutions

Hi, I just wanted to know how anxiety can be treated successfully without medication, especially unusual types of anxiety
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hey hows it going? i was just going to say i took myself off the meds for anxiety and doing it the natural way i just kinda got fed up with all the symptoms from the medication im taking st johns wort,5 htp, and b complex these are very good dont know it will cure it but read on many forums people are doing the same thing.
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Well there are things that can help like exercising every day for atleast 30 minutes, meditation daily, yoga, learning and practicing mindfulness(there are lots of books, Jon Kabat Zinn is one author) learning deep breathing exercises. Over proper diet. The better we treat our bodies, the better we can feel. CBT is also another way that can help people control their anxiety, other therapy. Always ensure that there is no medical cause for your anxiety and keep your doctor up to date. I never recommend taking herbal remedies without the assistance of a naturopath etc.
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What do you mean by unusual types of anxiety?
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i want to get off my meds too.are those things u are talking vitamins?can u get them anywhere?
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I agree with alison, you can use therapy, mindfulness meditation, exercise. It takes a lot of effort but I am feeling better all the time. I do take a anti depressant, have for years, but don't notice side effects. I do keep xanax on hand and use maybe 1 a month but mostly the work work work of retraining the brain and learning about the disease
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Hi, there are two programs that cover it ALL as far as I can see regarding the subject of anxiety and the way out of it ... naturally. One is a book called POWER OVER PANIC by Bronwyn Fox (try amazon.com) ... the other program is expensive but very helpful, it's a 15 week CD course by Lucinda Bassett. If I were you I'd start cheap with the book then maybe invest in the program. Both Lucinda and Bronwyn suffered with anxiety for years.
The CD program allows you to listen to group sessions that you might really relate. I'd cried like a baby when I heard some of the people speak about their anxiety on those CD's.
Anyway they are both great.
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