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Anxiety symptoms ?

Hi,i was just wondering if anyone of you guys do experienced these symptoms of lightheaded,dizziness,a bit of shortness of breathe most of the time in a day.I been experiencing those symptoms for nearly 4 months + and as a result done 2x stresstest,an echo,bloodtest,24 hour holter and several ecgs.Doctors said it could be anxiety related but most of the time,i felt those symptoms 1st then only i had anxieties that something else might be causing those symptoms,is it possible to have those symptoms even if one is not in an anxious state..is it due to sensitised nervous system ?
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Many of us with anxiety or panic issues feel these symptoms frequently, and there are undoubtably some who feel them every single day. All three are very classic for anxiety and all three can be caused by hyperventalation which is something we do without even being aware of.
You did the right and the smart thing by seeing your doctor for a thorough check up and it looks like all your tests were negative for an underlying organic cause. In my humble and non-medical opinion, I think your doctor was right when he said it could be anxiety.
I don't know if the answer is that you, or any of us, could have these symptoms due to a "sensitised nervous system," but I know for me, personally, I am extremely hyper-vigilant. That means any time I feel the slightest bit of pain or a twinge or tweak anywhere in my bdoy, but most especially in my chest, my anxiety goes into overdrive. Most people would just ignore it, but I continue to think about it, to worry that it means something horrible, that I'm having a heart attack or a stroke........and I'm sure that while I'm busy doing THAT, I have begun to hyperventalate............and then I feel lightheaded and like I'm not breathing right, (which I'm NOT) and if I don't "get a grip" on myself, I know I will talk myself into a panic attack.
Your question was "is it possible to feel these symptoms even when we are not conciously feeling anxious," and I have to say that for those of us with anxiety disorders, it is absolutely possible. I believe, and this is totally my opinion, that my anxiety is so close to the surface, it takes almost nothing to make it flare up.
I'm a little surprised that after ruling out so many physical reasons and telling you that it was probably just anxiety, that your doctor didn't didn't pursue that further. There is no specific test for anxiety, but when it's the only card left on the table, then it need to be addressed.
I would suggest if you continue to have these symptoms, to get back with your doctor and discuss the anxiety angle in greater detail.
There are options to help you with this, medications and therapy are my recommendation.............but some folks do really well with just some therapy.
There is help so don't think you need to keep suffering with these symptoms.
I wish you the very best
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Hi,greenlydia thanks for the info,really apperciated that..currently i am on my 2nd 24hour holter scheduled by my cardiologist.Today from morning i felt a bit better but this sensations of lightheadness and shortness of breathe followed by palpitations are there the whole day,and during lunch time i decided to have lunch with my colleagues where we decided to walk to the restaurant,and while on my way there,i keep feeling dizzy and lightheaded.I am not sure if my 2nd holter result do come out fine,whether i should get another opinion about those symptoms..cause i have been told by the A&E (ER) doctors i am fine but i just felt so bad everyday with those symptoms..which of course causes more anxieties that something else might be causing those symptoms not anxiety.
Anyway thanks again.
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i think is from the same anxiety u get dizzi and lightheaded. i happen to have the same symptoms adding some numbness in my hands  and fingers it is a horrible sensation, the problem is no one thinks theres anything wrong that;s the most frustrating part. All my medical testing is fine. i hope it gets better for all of us
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