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Anxiety symptoms?

I've been an anxietybsufferer since September last year but I've not seem to have got any better. My whole body itches like crazy 24/7. Like the hairs on my arms and legs seem to go all funny and make my head itch. My eye sight seems weird, if I look at bright things or if I'm tired, I see a halo of light round it but I've had them tested and they were fine. I get weird head sensations and they won't disappear at all. I get random tingles at the tips of my fingers and toes . It's making me go crazy and it's ruining my life. IT WONT STOP. I've had blood tests and test for numbness and it they were normal. IT WONT GO AWAY. I've had counselling, tests you name it. It's making me so unhappy. Pls help? Is there anything else this could be
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Anxiety can cause all kinds of physical symptoms. Since your tests have all come back normal, it's reasonable to assume your symptoms are caused by anxiety. OR, perhaps they are simply normal random things that most people don't even give any thought to, but you are hyperfocusing on and worrying about. Try to not get all caught up in your symptoms, because that tends to make things worse. Instead, go after the anxiety. If you succeed, the symptoms should lessen or go away entirely.
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Are you on any medicine? What you describe sounds like side effects if you are. I have anxiety also and had the same symptoms as you describe and it was caused by one of my meds. I stopped and eventually they went away because it takes a while for a med to get out of your body.
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Does anyone else experience heart palpitations? I have severe anxiety and panic attacks
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May I ask what meds or supplements are you taking as anxiety can be a side effect, also have to checked out environmental and allergy issues ?
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I'm not on any medication at all. Idk what it is, I have had all sorts of tests, I had an optician give me an eye test, then I went to the doctors who said it was vertigo which I don't believe and then I saw two other doctors who told me it was anxiety but gave me blood tests and tests for numbness and they were fine. It's just really annoying it feels like there's something crawling on my head in one spot and its not lice. I don't get headaches or nausea and I'm not dizzy. The only time the head sensations take effect is when I'm lying down so I hope that's vertigo but it's scaring me because nothing seems to treat it :(
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Nope not on any medication at all. It started off in September, I had a lot of coffee one morning and then felt a bit lightheaded and when I get home, the room wasn't spinning but I felt like I was. The doctor told me it was vertigo. When I look at bright lights, I can see light reflections come off them but I had them tested in September and they came back as excellent. I then went on holiday in October and was worried I had all sort of conditions. I feel breathless too but I've had oxygen levels and blood tested so I have no idea what's going on. All I know is it's really annoying ME and I'm sick of it. People have just said 'it'll go away' it's been 5 months and it's still there. I have weird crawly sensations on my head everyday. I get random tingles in my fingers and toes everyday, and I'm sometimes very itchy. There's also this one spot in my head that I'm worried felt lumpy but I've had it checked and I was just being paranoid. But when I press that part of my head, my right side of my neck feels tense and stuff. I haven't got any medical conditions apart from too much fluid around the joints which causes my joints to crack and stuff. I'm really scared though, all I can think of each day is what if?
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