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Anxiety symptoms or worse? HELP

Hi, okay, I've used this before, I've had anxiety for the past couple of months now. I'm a massive hypochondriac and have a massive fear of being ill or dying. Recently I've been having stomach ache and have gone off my food completely. I also had tingling in my hands and feet but that seems to have eased off. The only things that are really troubling me is the weird head sensations which only occur on the right side of my head. They sometimes go away but everyday I get it. I also get anxious for no reason, like I am at the moment. I have tried to calm myself down but they symptoms are still there. Can anxiety affect one side of your body more than the other? I get tingling in both sides, but when I do get it, it tends to be worse on the right side. My arm and leg on the one side seem tired as well but they work fine and there is no numbness. I really need answers, I've had blood tests done and they came back normal. The doc thinks its stress and anxiety but nothing seems to be getting better? Is it just anxiety or something worse, please help, I'm a hypochondriac and am so worried!
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The thing about anxiety is that it does so many strange things and takes on so many different faces. One thing I always try to remind myself when I am having a panic attack is that is feels so real and so scary because it is real. My body is really going through flight or fight. There are actually things happening in my body but those things cant kill me and they will pass. I also know that when I focus on my symptoms they seem worse. I had a panic attack a few months ago that made me feel like I couldn't breathe and now all the time every day I feel that way and it is probably because I focus on it so much. I am sure the tingling in your right side is worse because you are thinking that it is more intense on that side. Try to relax and think about something else!!
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hi, that happend to me, i had a panick attack now cant stop thinking about my breathing, its horrible, like in my mind all the time, do u still have this, and are u on medication
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